6 Tips: How To Have A Timeless Fashion Style

6 Tips: How To Have A Timeless Fashion StyleThere are some iconic looks in mainstream fashion that just never go out of style. As classic and identifiable as these looks are, many people go WAY overboard when trying to create their own looks around these tried-and-true fashion styles. There is a way to strike the right balance between fashion appreciation of days past without trying so hard to impress. To help you find the best way to balance old and new fashion, here are our six tips for having a timeless fashion style.

1.   Channel Old Hollywood Classics

The Old Hollywood glam that everyone loves can be simplified to meet modern fashion standards while still showcasing your appreciation for this time in history. For an even more modern spin on this fashionista’s essential classic look, look to outfit inspiration by Zooey Deschanel. Soon, everyone will be saying, “Who’s that girl…”!

Wear bright red lipstick and polka dot women’s knee length dresses to create a look that is just as vibrant today as it was back then. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe and curl your hair at the ends to complete this classic look. You’ll look like you just stepped off a movie set!

Retro Dressing with a Twist

Retro Dressing with a Twist

3. Slick Back Your Hair, Dude

For guys looking to add a bit of 60s vibes to their style, consider slicking your hair back with some hair gel. You don’t want to turn your hair into a helmet but be sure to put in enough hair gel to hold your slicked-back style. Remember, a little goes a long way. Throw on a lightweight sports jacket, some skinny jeans, and high-tops; you are good to go for your 1960s sweet Spring fashion throwback.

3.   Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Music

Throw on your favorite classic rock band t-shirt and high-waisted jeans. Keep your hair slightly messy and done, and you’ll look like a serious band member or fanatic music lover of whatever band tee-shirt you’re sporting. Add a flannel over your t-shirt in the evening, and feel free to totally “Come As You Are.”

6 Tips: How To Have A Timeless Fashion Style

4.   Wear Leggings And Oversized Tops

Whether it’s the 80s, 90s, or 2000s that have you obsessed with leggings, we get it. Pair yours with oversized tops and sweaters for a look that is as timeless as it ever was. Throw on a pair of tennis shoes to look like a Brat Pack member, or go with your Uggs like Lizzie McGuire is still on TV. Whatever decade you’re channeling, you can style it right with leggings and oversized shirts!

5.   Wear Your Little Black Dress

Your little black dress is about as timeless as fashion gets. This dress is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going to a jazz club or happy hour. To channel your inner Mary Kate and Ashley, throw on some ankle-strapped kitten pumps and wear your hair in a messy yet thoughtfully done-up hair bun. You’ll have Billboard Dad calling you!

6 Tips: How To Have A Timeless Fashion Style

6.   Channel Your Favorite Pretty Rock Legend

For a perfect mix of feminine and masculine fashion, consider fashion icons like Prince and Harry Styles. Get out your fuzzy scarves and unbutton a few on your dress shirt. From there, grab a pair of leather pants and boots so high that you’ll have Lenny Kravitz feeling jealous. Look like the prettiest rock legend with these eccentric getups.

6 Tips: How To Have A Timeless Fashion Style

The Bottom Line: Timeless Fashion Style

To have a timeless fashion style, you need to channel the decades that excite you about fashion. Play up your looks from different times, and see if you can create the right balance between looks of the past and looks of today. Get styling!

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