Giveaway! Barbie-Chic Pink Rhodochrosite and Sterling Earrings

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Barbie movie is, without question, the hottest thing to hit this summer. Barbie pink is everywhere. Since I am a huge fan (both of Barbie and of anything pink) I couldn’t be happier. This summer it’s easier than ever to find swimsuits, sandals and even sassy straw bags in my favorite hue. And, now, there’s fine jewelry, too!

Handcrafted of fine sterling silver, these stunning pink rhodochrosite earrings are the epitome of Barbie-chic. Dangling from a delicate French ear wire, the coiled silhouette draws every eye straight to the stone’s brilliant depths.

Rhodochrosite (the Greek word for pink) is a gorgeous stone, and one you may not be immediately familiar with. Also known as Inca Rose Stone or Raspberry Spar, deposits can be found worldwide, from Romania to South Africa, China, Argentina and the American West. In fact, rhodochrosite is the “state mineral” of Colorado.

Sized perfectly for the day (Dimensions: 1.125″ L x .44″ W), but with enough pizazz for the evening, these earrings offer the best of both worlds. I do believe Barbie would approve.  Retail $38

In addition to these striking rhodochrosite earrings, Sitara Jewelry offers a huge line of beautiful jewelry, crafted from sterling silver and gold overlay with a variety of gemstones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and moonstone. The Sitara collection includes rings, bracelets and necklaces, as well as earrings in all shapes, styles and sizes. See the entire line (and you’re going to want it ALL) at Sitara Jewelry.

Now, one lucky Susan Said… WHAT?! reader will win a pair of these gorgeous sterling and rhodochrosite earrings from Sitara Jewelry (Retail $38). To enter, simply use our Rafflecopter form. There are multiple entry methods, so please come back daily! This giveaway is available for readers 18+ in the CONTINENTAL USA. Odds are determined by the number of entries received.  This giveaway ends 9-30-2023.  

UPDATE: This giveaway has now ended. Our winner is Diane T. of Indianapolis, IN. Congrats, Diane! Didn’t win this time? Stay tuned for more great giveaways coming soon!

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    Signet Rings

    This blog post features a giveaway for Barbie chic pink rhodochrosite and sterling earrings, offering readers the chance to win a stylish and vibrant accessory. It’s a fun opportunity to add a pop of color to your jewelry collection!

  2. 8
    Emily D

    I still have my Barbies from when I was little. Not because they’re worth anything, but because I have fond memories of playing with them

  3. 18
    Donna Clifford

    I have not seen the Barbie movie yet, but I really want to. Heard it was great. Planning to buy the dvd when it comes out on DEC. 1st. 🙂

  4. 21
    Tammy Z Evans

    I still haven’t seen the Barbie movie, I am looking for volunteers to see it with me, my daughter already saw it, my mom already saw it, my best friend already saw it and my husband, he says he would go but I know he doesn’t want to.

  5. 38
    Mindy DeLisi

    I was a Barbie fan when I was young, love the Rockstar Barbie with the long hair. My daughter is 15 now, but never got into dolls, she liked stuffed animals more

  6. 42
    Kelly Ambalkar

    I think it’s next ion my list for $5 movie tuesdays at my local theatre! I’ve seen all the others I wanted to see so Barbie is next!

  7. 44

    I haven’t seen the Barbie Movie yet, but I plan to when it is out to stream. I played with Barbies a lot as a kid, and now my daughter does as well.

  8. 47
    Kathleen Bommer

    Ii HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE BUT I’ve heard great things about it! I did see the HGTV contest about creating a real Barbie dream house! It was fun!

  9. 50
    Theresa Jenkins

    I grew up with Barbie in the early 60’s & my Mom made all my Barbie clothes and when we weren’t playing with our Barbies we were outside in the dirt playing JI Joe with our brothers ….in high school I gave all my Barbies to the little girl next door and she did have fun with them but I regret not keeping them.

  10. 66
    Kathleen Bommer


  11. 67
    Amanda C

    I have not seen the movie yet, but will once it’s on Redbox. I was a tomboy growing up but did have Barbie’s. I appreciate them more now.

  12. 80

    I have not yet seen the movie. However, the color pink and the barbie style I sortof like since I was young. I now love other dolls and how they differ from each others. However, the pink love like barbie is still very high for me! So even though I haven’t seen the movie, I am hoping to see it soon either by rent or when it goes on a streaming service. ❤

  13. 86
    Sara Alvaro

    I haven’t seen the Barbie movie, but watched the Barbie House Makeover with my grandchildren. I was a teenager when Barbies were introduced and I never liked dolls. The movies does seem appealing.

  14. 106

    I had Barbies and other countries’ versions too due to a childhood abroad! Mine were often teachers and doctors. I loved the clothes!
    I haven’t seen the movie but look forward to it! It sounds amazing!

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