How To Dress Your Best This Winter? (Hint: Plan NOW!)

How To Dress Your Best This Winter? (Hint: Plan Now!)Maybe it’s because the temperatures this week are hovering in the high 90s with a heat index well over 100 degrees, but lately, all I can think about is… fall and winter clothes! Cozy sweaters, suede boots, plaid scarves – I can hardly wait. Armed with ideas from the fall / winter runway shows, I have a solid idea of the pieces that I need to fill in (and freshen up) my look. and shopping early is the key to nabbing the season’s hottest looks. Of course, dressing for the winter is all about blending fashion and warmth. You won’t enjoy sporting looks that don’t protect you against the cold weather, so do yourself a favor and bundle up without compromising your passion for fashion. Creating authentic winter outfits is a joyride for some, but it’s a confusing mess for others! I’ve got you covered if you’re at a loss over how to accomplish this feat. Here’s how to dress your best this winter!

Get A Waterproof Coat

Get a waterproof winter coat for your outerwear that keeps you warm and toasty all winter long. Look for oversized coats for extra coverage against wind and snow. Look for oversized hoods with faux fur that will keep your head warm. Pro tip: tuck your long-sleeved shirt to align with the sleeves of your jacket. Keeping your layers snug together will keep you warm outside in the snow.

Wear Thermal Layers

For extra warmth against the cold, get some thermal sweaters or long johns to keep your body temperature comfortable. Look for thermal tops with cuffs that extend just over the arm so that you can also keep your hands warmer. Include some wool socks as well to keep your feet toasty. If you’re prioritizing warmth, consider getting an adult snowsuit.

You can wear these clothes underneath your normal outfit without feeling weighed down by extra fabric. Look for lightweight fabrics with warming technologies to find options that don’t bunch up underneath your regular clothes.

Get Winter Boots

The proper winter boots will get you on the right foot (pun intended). Make sure to look for boots with rubber soles so that you don’t slip on ice or snow when you’re outdoors. Make sure your boots are waterproof so that your feet will stay dry and warm when you’re walking around outside. Pair your winter boots with thick socks for extra warmth and protection against the winter elements. You can easily find fashionable winter boots without even trying.

Wear Smart Gloves

Look for winter gloves with smart tech so you can still use your smartphone outside. You can keep your hands warm and use your tech simultaneously with innovative winter clothing solutions like these! Make sure to grab some earmuffs and a beanie to keep your extremities as warm as possible.

You lose the most heat from these areas, so cover up! While you’re at it, look into other biotech tools to help you make the most of the winter season. Pay attention to your body clocks as daylight savings approaches to look and feel your best every day.

Wear Jeans And Flannels

Style outfits around your go anywhere jeans and flannels to look fashionable while also staying warm. Both denim and fleece are warm fabrics that keep your body temperature at a comfortable level. Do what you can to create outfits around these staples so that you stay fashionable and warm no matter what you wear each day.

Keep Your Hair Dry

Make sure you don’t head out for the day with wet hair! Style your hair beforehand or wash it the night before so that your hair is dry and warm. Colder hair means that you’ll feel colder when you’re outside! Stay dry and warm by prepping ahead of time or covering your hair in a bandanna and a cap to help it dry!

Beat The Cold In Style

How To Dress Your Best This Winter? (Hint: Plan Now!)Don’t let Jack Frost remove your enjoyment of authentic styling this winter. Beat the cold in style! Dress your best this winter with the suggestions mentioned above and embrace this winter season with all your fashionable outfit creations!

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