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I am a wife, mother, author and entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in English and journalism, I spent 10 years in the competitive world of corporate advertising as a copywriter working for a diverse group of clients – from Fortune 500 companies like DuPont and Astra Zeneca, to museums, private schools, hospitals, and even a zoo!

As a freelancer, I have maintained relationships with many former clients and have continued to write marketing communications collateral materials, radio campaigns, and hundreds of print ads. I also began to dabble in publishing, co-authoring the book Hot Recipes with my husband Donald. The book was a featured item for the State of Delaware on QVC during its “50 States in 50 Days” tour.

My passion for words and a lifelong love of reading led to the decision in 2002 to co-found the literacy organization Success Won’t Wait with family friend Vincenza Carrieri-Russo. Our organization has collected over 1 million books since its start and has redistributed them to tots, children and adults through the U.S. and abroad. To read more about our organization, visit Family Circle Magazine or our website at Success Won’t Wait.

Never one to rest on my laurels (or take a break!), in 2004 my husband and I founded an educational game company, McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds. In a little over 10 years our firm boasted several multi-award winning games including the language game You’ve been Sentenced! McNeill Designs’ products were sold nationwide at major retailers like Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble, and Kohls, plus at thousands of small, independent toy, game and book stores.

Editorial Policy and Disclaimer

Susan Said What?! adheres to a high standard of editorial integrity and loyalty to its readership. I will only post honest reviews of products, services, places and events. I adhere to the FTC guidelines regarding disclosure and submitting a product for consideration does not guarantee automatic coverage.  If I receive a product sample for evaluation, I will include a DISCLAIMER.

In addition, I may generate income from the sale of display advertisements and links, and will accept ads and links.

Unless noted, the images used are not the property of Susan Said What?! When appropriate, photos will be linked to their respective retailers and designers within the post or will be credited with the website, photo agency, or photographer.


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    My first time visiting. Neat perspective. (fyi, had trouble finding P for pinterest with your Hydro gel light giveaway – may have been me, user error)

  2. 6

    Hi Susan,

    I didn’t realize that you had this wonderful blog in addition to your literacy blog. I just wanted to thank you for visiting, commenting and entering my giveaways. You are a busy woman with an impressive background and I am honored that you take the time to visit me so often. I look forward to exploring this blog more. 🙂

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      Awww.. you just made my day! Love reading my favorite bloggers every morning (I get up before the sun — it’s my only “me time”!)

  3. 10

    Interesting! You and I have something in common. My button is the same as your title background! It’s cool, though, they are different enough to not be a problem, at least to me! I love your blog!

    • 11

      LOL. I used free art when i started back in 2009, now I don’t want to change since it’s so recognizable! Hope you entered a few giveaways while you were here! Susan

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    Tracie Carrigan


    I just wanted to invite you to my new giveaway link up for February. We just posted it today, so we’d love for you to join us. February link up will run through the rest of the month. A March link up will be posted this weekend.

    I would also invite you to visit my contact page on http://www.mrscarrigan.com and if you fill out the information, I”d be happy to do a blog review on your site and add you to my states list.

    Mrs. Carrigan


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    Hi Susan
    It’s great as well as inspiring to read about you. Looks like you could just be the person i am looking for, Just picked your email address from one of the other pages here. I will write to you soon.
    Take Care and stay busy.


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