How to Treat Dry, Sensitive Skin Around the Eyes

How to Treat Dry, Sensitive Skin Around the EyesAccording to WebMD, “The skin around your eyes is very thin and more sensitive than the skin on the other parts of your body. So, it’s more prone to irritation. Everything from aging to allergens in the environment can make it dry and flaky.” Unfortunately, for someone with sensitive skin, dry, flaky or itchy skin around the eyes can be extra hard to treat, since lotions, oils and serums can actually trigger an additional reaction.

This summer, my eyelids (and the skin directly beneath my eyes) has become extremely dry, red and patchy.  I am not sure exactly what has changed, or if it’s simply the cumulative effect of a long, hot summer. But, in the past few weeks, it’s gone from noticeable, to dramatic, to a bit alarming.

When I received a vial of citrus face serum from Lindi Skincare, I wasn’t thinking about dry eyelids, specifically. But it truly arrived just in the nick of time for me. I’ve been treating, not only my eyelids, but my entire face with this amazing serum. And, because it’s specially designed for extremely sensitive skin, I’ve seen an immediate improvement, with none of the reactions I sometimes get when trying a new product.

Initially developed for those with compromised skin, this serum is the ultimate in gentle skincare. In fact, it was originally designed to reduce the facial rash, redness and itching that are a common side effect of some types of chemotherapy.

But there’s absolutely nothing medicinal about this serum! It has a light citrus fragrance that is extremely pleasant.

The Lindi Skincare serum contains soothing ingredients chosen to not only protect skin, but to nourish it, as well. These include natural anti-inflammatory botanicals (for soothing red, irritated patches) and cell-renewing antioxidants (which protect skin from damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors).

How to Treat Dry, Sensitive Skin Around the EyesThe serum has a pump delivery method, which allows you to easily use as much, or as little, as you like. It has a thick consistency, and like other serums, a loose, smooth texture. Because it’s so rich, I like to apply it at night, because it takes at least 15 minutes to absorb. It’s great before bed because clean, makeup-free skin, once treated, can reap all of the benefits overnight.

As with all Lindi Skincare products, the serum is clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested, paraben free and never tested on animals. It’s also backed by a 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Retail: $44.00

For more great sensitive skincare products, from body lotion, to moisturizer, to facewash, plus more, visit Lindi Skincare.

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