Glow! Zhurson Shower Brush Gets Skin Summer-Ready for summer’s skin baring styles takes a bit of effort after a long winter swathed in cozy cashmere sweaters, sweeping wool skirts and tall boots. But, here in the North East, the thermometer is now regularly topping 60 degrees, so it’s time to get serious! In addition to buckets of moisturizer and some sunless tanning cream, at the top of my list of must-haves is a Zhurson shower brush.

The proper brush is an absolutely essential tool for burnishing and exfoliating skin – from the back and shoulders for those romantic off the shoulder blouses, to legs ready for some seriously short skirts!

Why is this particular brush so beneficial? In addition to making a useful aid for washing those hard-to-reach spots in the shower (it’s 15.7 inches long!), this brush can also be used as a dry brush. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, the Cleveland Clinic explores the topic in “The Truth About Dry Brushing and What It Does for You.”

According to those experts, the benefits of dry brushing skin include detoxifying the skin, stimulating the nervous system, and giving skin a more radiant glow. Dry brushing can often be gentler on skin than scrubbing in the shower, since “hot water inflames your skin and even strips away oils, fats, and proteins that keep your skin healthy.”

Of course, dry brushing is not for everyone. I have extremely sensitive skin. So, I approached this process very gingerly. What I found is that, as long as I am not overzealous, this is a great technique for me. And it’s now an invigorating part of my morning shower routine, followed by a generous slathering of moisturizer.

In addition to those with sensitive skin, Healthline notes, “People with open or inflamed skin, including people with eczema and psoriasis, should avoid dry brushing over the inflamed area. You should also avoid dry brushing over an open wound.” (Read “The Benefits and Risks of Dry Brushing” for proper techniques.)

Glow! Zhurson Shower Brush Gets Skin Summer-ReadyCrafted from treated wood for durability, the Zhurson shower brush features a full head of firm, natural bristles, to gently exfoliate, massage and softly buff away dead skin. Compared to other shower brushes I’ve purchased in the past, this falls into the Goldilocks category – not too hard (like a loofah) and not too soft (like a nylon scrubbie). It’s just right.

This wet or dry shower brush is available on Amazon for just $8.25.

I give it 5 stars out of 5. However, full disclosure, for the first few days, I noticed some “shedding” which did stop. Amazon sent this to me in a bag, not a box, which may have contributed to the initial loose bristles.

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