Clothing Steamer: The Easy Way to Erase Wrinkles

The Stonn Clothing Steamer Is The Fast, Easy Way To Erase Wrinkles And CreasesIroning has always been my favorite household chore. Before you decide that I am completely crazy, please let me explain. Ironing a piece of clothing is a chore that has a defined end. You iron the piece, you hang it up, it looks great, and you’re done… unlike cleaning the kitchen, weeding the garden, or even vacuuming the floors. With those types of chores, the instant that you’re finished, it’s time to start all over again! Of course, not everything can be ironed easily. Tiny pleats, delicate silks, and winter coats are frustrating examples. But, just because I can’t iron them, doesn’t mean I walk around looking rumpled! My secret? A clothing steamer.

Clothing steamers have come a long way in recent years. Once a bulky, heavy, and pricey piece of equipment, todays’ high-quality clothing steamers are lightweight, easy to handle, and infinitely more budget-friendly.

One of the best handheld clothing steamers that I’ve discovered is from Stonn. This is a powerful and durable fabric steamer that will help keep your suits, dresses, blouses, and delicates looking their best.

If you’ve never used a garment steamer before, it’s so easy. Simply fill the high capacity tank, plug in, wait for the water to heat up, and… steam! Wrinkles disappear like magic. Get into those impossible to reach corners, erase wrinkles in fabric flowers and ruffles, and never “iron in” a crease you didn’t intend to.

Not only is this clothing steamer effective, it’s so lightweight to wield. This has been a major issue with garment steamers in the past. In fact, at a mere 1.6 pounds, this clothing steamer is perfect for travel. (If you’ve ever tried to iron clothing that’s woefully wrinkled after being stuffed into a suitcase, you can instantly see the appeal!)

Not only is this a wonderful steamer for clothing of all types, you can also use it for household items such as drapes, curtains and even decorative toss pillows and couch cushions – steam them right in place.

This steamer is a must-have for any fabric from rugged upholstery to delicate silk. One important note, however: when steaming any garment that is embellished with beads or sequins – start at a distance in a spot that doesn’t show and go very carefully. By their very nature, sequins and beads are temperamental, even with most gentle and expert treatment from professionals.

If you haven’t used a steamer, now is the time to try one, risk-free. Stonn stands behind their products 100%. In addition to a 2-year warranty, Stonn offers a 30-day, full money back guarantee in case you encounter any issues. Retail $18.99 at Stonn on Amazon Prime.

I think steaming has just replaced ironing as my favorite household chore.

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