Decorative Pillow? Toss One On!

OneMtoss You are My Sunshine decorative pillow cover, just $10 on AmazonChanging out a decorative pillow is an inexpensive and easy way to change the look of any room. I have a large collection of pillows, as well as pillow covers, for practically every holiday and season. From needlepoint Christmas trees, to cavorting Easter bunnies, to coastal-inspired imagery, I love how such a simple change can instantly make such a big impact.

One of my new favorites (and just in time for Valentine’s Day!) is the sweet canvas pillow cover, pictured. The canvas slipcover features the lyrics to one of my family’s all-time faves, You Are My Sunshine, a song I regularly sang when my children were still small.

The charming 18” x 18” pillow case easily covers any existing, similarly sized pillow. (Choosing a solid color is best, so that the pattern won’t show through.) And, the sturdy, hidden zipper means that no one will be the wiser that your pillow is performing double duty. When the season is over, the cover can quickly be removed and stored in the linen closet, taking up a fraction of the space of an actual pillow.

This pillow cover is well made with substantial canvas material. And, it is machine washable (a huge bonus in my house). Retail: $10.00 at ilkin on Amazon.

Of course, toss pillows can also provide a bit of a challenge when decorating. Too few map look sparse and unwelcoming. Too many can look almost ridiculous.

If you’re wondering how to best use pillows or pillow covers in your home, I have distilled the process down to a few rules:

  • Number. Go for an odd number, like three or five, for a modern look. For a more traditional space, use pairs.
  • Size. Choose a combination of big and small. But, use small pillows sparingly.
  • Texture. Contrast textures for visual and tactile interest.
  • Pattern. Combine patterns and solids. But, to avoid a chaotic look, for every bold pattern, choose at least one solid, or muted pattern that “reads” as solid.
  • Theme. Pillows and pillow covers are a great way to introduce a fun new theme, without commitment.
  • Stop the chop. This silly fad has seen its day!

For even more decorative pillow cover ideas, visit ilkin on Amazon. You’ll find some of my other faves like inspirational quotes, nautilus shells, and even hazy watercolors.

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PHOTO: Decorative pillow cover image used with permission.

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