Space Saving Hangers Increase Closet Capacity

Space Saving Hangers Increase Closet CapacityI just took my youngest daughter down for her freshman year at Georgetown University. She got really (really!) lucky and was assigned a larger corner room  that is almost livable. But, the teeny closet… OMG! We folded what we could, used drawers for the rest, and hung only what we had to. And, it was still far too tight. So, when I learned about these space saving hangers, I knew that I had found the perfect solution for her.

These hangers are very easy to use. Hang them horizontally, load them up with regular hangers (even the white plastic ones that are a bit fat will fit) and then drop one hook off the bar. They utilize all of the vertical space in the closet that is usually wasted underneath those short shirts, skirts, and shorts!

These space saving hangers are a wonderful small closet solution for a dorm or apartment. And really, who has a closet that is big enough?

They are also a great way to keep things in view. I find that when I fold clothing and stow it in drawers, I sometimes forget what I have. Then, pieces simply don’t get worn. With these space saving hangers, everything is easily available and stays wrinkle free.

These hangers are also very sturdy and can hold over 100 lbs., unlike the plastic ones which will snap or bend. So, I think they would also be a smart idea for heavy coats in the hall coat closet. And, in my house, we seem to have a lot of coats! Since they are mostly short jackets, all of that vertical space under short jackets is empty. With these hangers, each person can have one or two hangers, each of which will hold six coats. Not only will it save space, it will also help everyone find a coat quickly in the morning.

One note: My only real critique of these hangers is that if you are reaching for one of the bottom items, you can knock off one of the top items. And, you definitely will need a little room to maneuver. If your closet is so jam-packed that you can hardly pull out an item (much less squeeze one in) these would be difficult to use. Of course, if you have enough of these space saving hangers, your closet should gain a bit of much-needed breathing room. Retail: $13.99 on Amazon Prime.

With all the space we’ve gained, who wants to bet that my daughter is going to want more clothes?!

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