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Tips and Tricks for an Oranized Closet MakeoverI have lived in my house for a long time. And, like many homeowners, I’ve had an ongoing checklist of updates to tackle, everything from adding stainless steel appliances in the kitchen (fun!) to getting a new roof (far less fun). But, the one update I’ve longed to complete since the day I moved in is a revamp of our walk-in master closet. The inefficient layout made storing (and finding) things a real challenge. And, the original fixtures were sadly worn and outdated. (It was so bad, I couldn’t possibly show a “before” photo.) So I finally got a highly anticipated and much appreciated custom closet makeover from Closets by Design!

The process was incredibly simple. Shelley Steel, a Senior Designer with the Closets By Design team, came right to my home armed with a measuring tape and some brilliant ideas. What I had always thought of as an almost unusable space, came alive in her imagination. And, she took special note of, and planned for, my eccentricities and “collections” (such as my large stash of tiny beaded evening handbags which I can’t seem to stop buying). As you can see from the photo, somehow she designed a place for everything.

I asked Shelley to share some of her insights and top tips to employ during the process of organizing. If you’re planning on a closet makeover of your own, it’s a must-read:

What should you organize your closet? 
Clients are overwhelmed when their spaces are disorganized. Chaos can make a morning routine dreadful. A well-organized space is a wonderful beginning to each the day, creating a little extra time for that second cup of coffee. When the customer finally commits to their new space and is able to enjoy the beautiful transformation, they wish they had done it sooner!

What are the easiest ways to organize a closet?
The best way to organize is to inventory your items. Getting rid of personal pieces can be difficult, however, if you can decide what is really important and what you can do without, you’ll absolutely see a difference.

Organizing your hanging into lengths can create more space. Double hung clothing takes less linear inches and can open up spaces for shoes, accessories or folded clothing. Folding clothes can get messy, however, creating cubby spaces make your piles of clothes look neater and more organized.

Organize by color, or type of clothing. When a space is sized appropriately, you tend to not over-stuff or cram. Your wardrobe is all accessible often leaving you room to purchase something new!

What is your perspective on the Kon Mari method? Do people really need to purge that much for a closet makeover? 
When I step into a customer’s home, they already know they have too many items. Customers feel overwhelmed by the clutter and know it is time for some serious purging. Many of my customers express a feeling of relief when they finally rid the closet of unwanted items.

A dream closet is a place where you want to be and an area that should feel like your own boutique. Often, customers will find they have more space to work with and maybe even treat themselves to a new pair of shoes or that special handbag they have been dreaming about. Everyone needs a reason to splurge!

What’s the design process like?
Designing functional and beautiful spaces is like working on a big jigsaw puzzle. I love collaborating with my customers to design spaces that fit their specific needs. I listen, while paying special attention to what is important to them. My main goal is to understand the customer’s vision and how they plan to use their space.

Our main focus is function first, then add the sizzle and flair, making it a customized dream space. The sky is the limit!

My favorite projects are the jobs where I am given the opportunity to weave creativity, design, and personal style into the space. Whether the project is traditional or contemporary, I am challenged to meet and exceed expectations. All spaces are challenging, but an effective solution makes a difference and that is most rewarding to me.

What are the benefits to an organized closet?
Well organized spaces bring value to daily routines. Organization is EVERYTHING to a homeowner. Getting the most out of every closet makeover, pantry, home office, garage is the gift that keeps on giving.

A good start to your day is walking into that master closet where you don’t have to search for your favorite jeans, yet one where you can see your entire wardrobe. Walking into your children’s room and knowing that you are able to find their items in a drawer and not on the floor, is the key to less stress! Enjoying your home office that is functional, allows for more productivity.  Imagine actually being able to park in your garage, get out of your car and walk to your door, without squeezing through your cluttered space. Your garage can be an area you want to show off to your neighbors, with custom cabinets that keep your items off the floor and walking space free. A beautiful kitchen pantry organizes your food, small appliances, and bulk storage items, keeping everything at your fingertips. It also makes grocery shopping far easier when you see what you have.

Organization creates value and brings peace-of-mind to everyday. Who would not want to enjoy that benefit? Closets By Design delivers a quality product at a fantastic value. My goal is to make your vision a reality and turn todays clutter into an organized tomorrow.

Shelley Steel, Closets by DesignShelley Steel is a Senior Designer and an integral part of the Closets By Design team. Her passion for creativity drives her professional career from Visual Communications to Interior design and Home Organizing.  Shelley takes great pride in exceeding client and customer expectations, always delivering creative solutions with a keen eye towards style.  Shelley’s collaboration with her clients helps build strong personal connections while providing new opportunities to expand her diverse design portfolio.

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    I would love to makeover a few of the closets that we have. I really need to go through and donate a lot of clothes that shrunk in the closet lol.

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