Sensitive skin? I love Konjac Sponges for gentle, effective cleansing and exfoliating

51ICHz6WmmL._SX300_Have you tried a Konjac Sponge yet? I first experimented with this skin care staple from Japan a few years back, and have been a fan ever since.

If you aren’t familiar with this product, it is an extremely gentle exfoliating sponge. The Konjac Sponge is actually used as a bath sponge for newborn babies because of its pillow soft texture. So, it’s a wonderful choice for someone like me, with sensitive skin.

The sponge is made from the Konjac root. This is an Asian-cultivated, root-based vegetable that the Japanese have traditionally used as a detoxifying dietary staple, as well as an exfoliating sponge. And, when used with facial cleanser and water, the sponge is a perfect way to take off makeup and gently buff away dead skin cells and grime.

Crate & Temper sponges offer two options. The Green Tea Infused sponge not only soothes, but oh-so-gently cleans your face. The Bamboo Charcoal cleans and helps lightly exfoliate your face. (The texture is slightly rougher, but is still very, very mild in comparison to an exfoliating scrub or spinning facial brush.)

The sponges are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Since they are derived from plant material, they are also eco-friendly — and even biodegradable!

I like them because they are easy on my overly sensitive skin, but these sponges are also a great solution for anyone who suffers from breakouts. Acne, or even stress breakouts, can actually be made far worse by overly vigorous cleansing of the skin. The Konjac Sponge provides a safe and effective way to keep skin clean, without aggravating an existing skin condition.

To use, simply submerge in water for a few moments and work the sponge until it becomes soft. (When you remove the sponges from the package they are hard as rocks, but they will become soft with a few minutes of patience.) Apply cleanser directly to the sponge and work lather into you face in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry.

The result is skin that is clean – deep down clean – without resorting to harsh brushes or scrubs.

After using, the sponges should be thoroughly rinsed. And, do squeeze as much water out as possible. Hang to dry (there is a convenient little string).

These sponges do not last forever – about 3 weeks if you use them every day. And, even though they are 100% natural, they are not antibacterial or antimicrobial, so if you even suspect mildew, pitch them (they are inexpensive enough).

Crate & Temper Konjac Sponges Retail for $7.99 (package of 2) on Amazon Prime.

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