It really IS possible to banish teen breakouts. Try Bellaboo Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator for an all-natural solution!

Bellaboo Buff Skin Exfoliator for Teens and TweensYou can never begin good skincare habits too early, which is why my daughters have an impressive array of products at their disposal. From new cleansers, to skin brushes, to potions, creams and lotions, they are some of my most trusted product testers!

Now, we have a new favorite in our house. It’s the Bellaboo Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator. This is a totally natural skincare line developed just for teen and tween skin.  During these years, oil glands are in overdrive and resultant breakouts can seem inevitable. With the proper care, however, teen skin can be clear, blemish-free and glowing!

Bellaboo Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator contains two essential ingredients that make it very different from other exfoliation products. First, Bellaboo contains micro-particles of finely ground Indian bamboo extract to buff away dead skin cells.

I was unfamiliar with bamboo as skincare product, but Women’s Health magazine says, “milled bamboo powder is a prime beauty ingredient for exfoliating skincare products and powdered cosmetics. Bamboo particles are smooth and less callous than many exfoliants derived from salt, nuts, or grains, making it an especially kind ally to sensitive skin.”

Since teens can sometimes become overzealous in their scrubbing (leading to breakouts or aggravating existing blemishes) a mild product is a must. And, this exfoliator is indeed, very gentle in removing dirt, grime and dead skin cells, without irritating sensitive skin.

Second, Bellaboo contains rice bran powder to absorb dirt and oil, preventing pore blockages. In addition to its absorbing qualities, rice bran powder also contains soothing enzymes and antioxidants, plus it’s rich in vitamins A, B2, B12 and E.

What Bellaboo doesn’t contain is equally important. There are no parabens, or petrochemicals and the product is completely sulfate free. Bellaboo is all-natural, so I feel confident letting my girls use it. And, after almost two weeks, we are thrilled with the results!

Retail on Amazon is only $10.95. To learn more, visit Bellaboo Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator.

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DISCLAIMER: I received Bellaboo Buff Skin Facial Exfoliator free via Tomoson in order to fully evaluate the product. Regardless, I only recommend products that I have used personally and believe would be beneficial to my readers.

PHOTO: Used with permission by Bellaboo.


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    Sounds like a great product for my teenage daughter. We haven’t found any that she likes yet, because she says they all smell like sunblock. The product you reviewed sounds like a good solution.

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