Style Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a BudgetWant to style your kitchen like a pro?  Unfortunately, the expense of a total gut job and kitchen remodel often keeps a Kitchen Transformation at the bottom of a homeowner’s To-Do List.

But, a total remodel often isn’t needed. Even on a small budget, any kitchen can benefit from a facelift, bringing in some updated looks, life and color.

Use these tips to style your kitchen.

Paint makes a huge impact

When was the last time you repainted your kitchen? Your kitchen paint actually fades and discolors faster than in the other rooms because of the heat and steam.

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a BudgetHow to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

A paint job is the easiest way to transform your kitchen and bring some life to it. Choose a color that complements your kitchen cabinets and appliances, but be creative in your choice of color. For example, I painted a dramatic navy blue wall behind my pure white cabinets and it made such an impact!

Brighter colors are livelier and create the kind of warmth and friendly ambience that would make the space feel more homey.

Declutter to reclaim space

Chances are your counter and cabinets are filled with items you seldom use. These may be electrical appliances that you use infrequently, or even obsolete electronics (when was the last time you actually used an electric can opener or panini maker?). These may also be spices and ingredients that you no longer need.

Do a rundown of everything in your kitchen and put aside all the items you no longer need. You can donate them to friends and family, organize a yard sale or sell them on eBay. For the items you still need but don’t use regularly, have a specific cabinet for keeping them. (I actually store my ice cream maker, fondue set and crock pot in the basement.)

Then, neatly arrange everything else as you style your kitchen countertop.

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

Waste management is essential

Washing your dishes immediately after your meals helps keep the kitchen clean and odorless. A garbage disposal really helps.   Find reviews for the best disposals at Mr Garbage Disposal.

Also, whenever possible, buy food in packaging that is reusable or recyclable. (We shop at Aldi and carry our own bags whenever we go shopping to minimize the amount of plastic and shopping bags we consume.)

Transform your kitchen cabinets

You can change certain aspects of your cabinets like their color, pull, panels, or overhaul the entire structure. It really depends on your budget and preferences.

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

The small ways to transform the appearance of  cabinets include repainting doors or simply replacing old handles with new stylish ones. I easily swapped out our old-fashioned brass pulls for sleek, brushed nickel versions in an afternoon.

You can also replace your wooden cabinet doors with glass (or vice versa), or create a hybrid, by eliminating upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving.

Do you have easy, inexpensive tips, for a kitchen transformation, too? Please share!

How to Style Your Kitchen... on a Budget

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    Ahhh, as I am going through paint samples just now, and the last few days, and I thought it would be easy, as I try them out in different rooms. It would be if I could re-do everything. These are good tips that I can use to make do without doing a total gut and reno.

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