Decorating with Mirrors: #YarboughDesign Makes a Statement

Decorating with Mirrors: Yarbough Design Makes a StatementAccording to Mirror History, “The earliest manmade mirrors were from polished stone made from black volcanic glass obsidian. Some examples of this kind of mirror have been found in Turkey dating back at least 6,000 years.” But mirrors as we know them today were not invented until Roman times, when they were created using blown glass with lead backings.

In my house, one of my favorite tricks to make a small space look larger or make a dark room feel brighter is the generous use of mirrors.

But not just any mirror will do.

A mirror takes up valuable wall space, so I believe that it should be the design equivalent of art. Luckily, I’ve recently discovered an incredible resource for art mirrors in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns. Yarbough Design offers an amazing selection of high-quality art pieces… that just so happen to also be reflective!

One of my favorites (it’s almost impossible to choose just one) is the company’s Wainscot Pattern Mirror, pictured. Handmade in the USA and available exclusively at Yarbough Design, this stunner is a hefty 22″ x 28″ and is crafted from high-quality glass and silvering for a sharp, distortion-free reflection.

The beautiful, sandblasted border pattern is called Wainscot, but to me it’s very reminiscent of a garden lattice or trellis pattern (treillage, if you prefer the French). Lattice is such a classic, timeless design and the lines are so sleek and simple that this mirror could work in almost any space, from traditional, to transitional, to contemporary. Use it above a dresser in the bedroom, on the screened-in porch to complement wicker furnishings, in a foyer for last minute lipstick applications, or over a sideboard in the dining room to reflect dancing candlelight.

Also, because it has no wood or metal frame to warp, flake or rust, it’s a perfect choice for above a bathroom vanity. Plus, the oh-so-chic design will elevate even the most humble powder room.

Decorating with Mirrors: Yarbough Design Makes a StatementThis mirror is quite easy to care for and with proper maintenance will last many, many years. Yarbough Designs suggests that you do not use any acidic, alkali, or heavy ammonia-based cleaners which can attack the surface and edges, as well as the backing of the mirror. In addition, you should never use an abrasive cleaner on any mirrored surface. Instead, simply spray a small amount of glass cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and gently wipe the mirror clean, taking care to dry all edges thoroughly.

Retail: $295.00 (includes free shipping and comes complete with hanging hardware)

The Wainscot Pattern is part of the Yarbough Design’s Sophisticated Collection. This collection also contains some of my other personal favorites such as the Greek Key Design and an absolutely stunning Gothic Arch.

For those who prefer a more contemporary vibe, the Unique Mirrors Collection includes unusual shapes such as a shield, as well as abstract forms.

An Industrial Mirror Collection utilizes wood and other industrial materials. The Entertaining Mirrors includes charming football, soccer, and baseball options. And the Artistic Mirrors contains unique designs from a sunburst to… a jellyfish!

If you don’t see just the right design, size, or shape, don’t despair. Own an original! Artist Kevin Yarbough will craft a custom mirror, just for your space. Custom mirrors are made to order to your exact specifications and require up to 7 days lead time to ship.

See the entire line at Yarbough Design.

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    gloria patterson

    these are beautiful mirrors not in my budget. I am a big mirror fan I have big mirror beveled edged. I saw it at goodwill and begged them to let me buy if off the dock. NO NO …. BUT if I wanted to park and go in and head to the back in about 30 minutes he would bring it in. I got that mirror for $5.00

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