Making a Small Space Look Larger? It’s Smoke and Mirrors!

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger? Mirrors!At the risk of sounding vain… I love mirrors. They quickly and easily make a small room appear larger by reflecting natural light (no demolition of walls necessary). Here’s everything you need to know on how to use mirrors to make a small space look larger:

For apartment dwellers, an enormous mirror can literally double the look of living space if the mirror is cleverly placed so that it reflects a window with a beautiful view or a doorway.

An oversized mirror works in any room, from a cramped entranceway, to a petite powder to room, to a boxy bedroom.

Afraid to hang a mirror on rented walls? Try a leaning mirror (or two). Or, add mirrored furnishings, such as a lovely vintage armoire.

For someone in a more permanent living arrangement, try the mirror-on-mirror trick: completely cover the wall in mirror (sheet mirror must be custom measured and installed, but stick on mirrors have come a long way since the 1970s, for those who are more DIY-inclined). Then, add your framed mirror on top.

No budget for an enormous mirror? No problem! A grouping of smaller mirrors that are all related in color or style will work wonders, too. This is particularly effective on a stairwell or over a couch.

For rooms with limited, or no windows, use faux window frames backed with mirrors. This is best done in pairs (on either side of a fireplace, bed, or armoire). The mirrors trick the eye and the room will feel lighter, brighter and far less claustrophobic.

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger? Mirrors!

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger? Mirrors!

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger? Mirrors!

How to Make a Small Space Look Larger? Mirrors!

Not only is hanging a beautiful mirror a clever trick to maximize small space. Depending on the style, a mirror can also add a serious dash of glam to a room. Intricate Venetian mirrors are always one of my top choices, but gilt edge, and frameless beveled options are all lovely.

Ready to get started? I’ve done the shopping for you. Here are a few of my go-to spots for mirrors of all shapes and sizes:

But, if you are cash-strapped, a budget-friendly thrift shop mirror with a frame that can be painted, embellished, or enlarged using inexpensive mouldings will also do the trick quite nicely!

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

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    I love big mirrors, and all these are so nice. I do have one that is large and it rests on the floor. I tried it in my foyer, but it is too dark to be worth having it there. I’m still trying to find an inexpensive way to lighten up the foyer, already painted light.

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    megan allen

    Oh my goodness! I am loving these pictures ! The mirrors really do make the room! I have a huge one in my den space that I love! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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