How to Keep Cool This Summer

How to Keep Cool This SummerWith the warm weather heating up, you’re looking for the most effective ways to stay cool! This summer might be a doozy if you’re sensitive to heat. Well, good news! We have the best tips and tricks to stay cool and comfortable this summer to prepare for those heat waves. Here’s all you need to know about keeping cool this summer.

Stay Super Hydrated

We hear the message all the time: Drink. More. Water. We know it’s good for our health, but it’s also critical to stay comfortable in hot weather. Hot weather will make you sweat more often, causing you to become dehydrated faster.

To stay cool, ward off headaches, keep your blood pressure monitored, and restore your body with what it needs to thrive, stay super hydrated. Make sure you get water bottles for whenever you’re on the go.

Don’t put yourself in a position to be so desperate for a drink that you start salivating! Always keep water with you!

How to Keep Cool This Summer

Eat Cold Foods

Most of us naturally crave colder foods in the summer anyway, but if your love for homemade cooking doesn’t tame itself at any point in the year, we get that! Set an intention to eat cold foods more often, so your body can cool down! Make it fun and enjoy popsicles, cold pasta salads, watermelon, cubes, and more! Eating the most available foods in the summer season should point you in the right direction!

Install A/C Units

If you’re blessed with central air, this need not apply to you. But, if you’re like plenty of people out there, the difference between crawling out of your skin and enjoying the hot weather is the installation of air conditioning units.

If you can, install more than one to keep different rooms in your home comfortable. If you don’t feel like you’re up for the task, you can always hire for a/c installation. The bottom line is this: Don’t underestimate the importance of a/c units! Your fans alone are not going to cut it!

Get A Face Spray

Sometimes, a splash of cold water is all you need to refresh and cool down. To keep things convenient, buy yourself a face spray or some facial toner that you enjoy when your face gets hot. You can find tons of natural toners infused with ingredients like citrus and rose water, giving you a boost of hydration with the bonus of a pleasant scent.

Destress And Relax

When it gets hot outside, your least favorite trait, like having a short fuse, may become even shorter. Don’t let yourself overheat in frustration or anger! Keep cool this summer by practicing relaxation and de stressing techniques so you can stay comfortable, no matter what summer throws at you! Consider taking up meditation or going for walks to beat the heat in the evening!

Exercise At Night

Even though morning people would tell you that exercising at the start of your day is better for your health, that’s not true when it’s 100 degrees outside. Work out at night and wear reflective night gear so cars can see you while doing your cardio! In case it’s still warm at night, wear an adjustable sports bra to stay comfortable on the move.

Wait until the evening to do your workout, so you don’t get too hot or dehydrated. You’ll probably end up enjoying your exercise more by remaining at a comfortable body temperature as you sweat it out!

The Bottom Line

Happy summer! Follow the tips above to beat the heat and keep cool this summer. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and plan when you do things so you don’t overheat!

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    Christy DuBois

    Even the nightly temperatures haven’t really been cool this summer. We will endure this and your tips certainly will help.

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