Adjustable Sports Bra Essential: Heart and Core

Adjustable Sports Bra Essential: Heart and CoreI spent the entire, beautiful weekend outdoors and it was so long overdue! One of the best parts was a long leisurely walk on Sunday with my husband at a lovely park in Maryland. A mile into it, I realized that I’ve been a really bad girl this winter and am feeling sadly out of shape. So, it’s time to get off the couch and get fit! Everyone in my family runs except me (I’ve always been more of a walker… and a slow one at that!). But this spring I’m joining them and I am starting to run, too. To get ready, I needed a few essentials – some serious running shoes and a sturdy adjustable sports bra.

If you’ve ever run without either of these two crucial items, you know how quickly you come to appreciate quality and good design! Especially bouncing…ouch!

Not only can running without a proper sports bra be painful, it can actually impair workout performance. According to the experts at Run and Become, “…not wearing a sports bra can have an effect on your performance. Research has shown that women have to work harder with a regular bra compared with a sports bra due to an increase in upper body muscle activity and so if the breasts aren’t supported properly then the use of the upper body muscles when running is increased. A change in breathing patterns has also been shown; women are more likely to take shallower and quicker breaths without a sports bra as there is more pressure on their rib cages.”

Luckily, I just got an amazing new racer back sports bra from Heart & Core. The sports bra offers some truly thoughtful design elements that almost make me not minding running (well, not too much).

This sports bra is luxuriously thick and cushiony. The signature, sport-friendly fabric absorbs moisture quickly and wicks it away from skin. It also keeps you cool and comfortable. Plus, it’s machine-washable and stays soft, even through repeated washings.

Adjustable Sports Bra Essential: Heart and CoreAlthough it’s super soft, this bra has sturdy, built-in, molded cups that compress with a lifting piece to add to shape and support. And no torturous underwire – hooray!

Best of all, the Heart & Core bra is adjustable for a perfect fit, which is really important if you’re exercising to lose weight (I mean, who can afford a whole new wardrobe ever time they drop a few pounds?).  The straps can be sized to your perfect length and the adjustable base can be tightened (or loosened) as necessary.

This incredibly comfortable sports bra is destined to become your go-to sports bra, no matter what sport you’re into. It’s available in sizes 34C–DD, 36C–DD, 38C–DD, 40C–DD and 42C–DD and retails for just $59

Visit the Heart & Core website to see this, and many other workout essentials. Now, where did I leave those sneakers?

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DISCLAIMER: No financial compensation was received in exchange for this Heart & Core adjustable sports bra post. I did, however, receive a sample of the adjustable sports bra in order to full test the product and provide an honest evaluation. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I believe will be good for my readers.

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