How To Make Your Space Feel Like You

How To Make Your Space Feel Like YouWhether you’re renting an unattractive apartment or dislike the colors of the walls in your house, being stuck in a place that doesn’t truly feel like home is totally not worth settling for. Whether you’re trying to dodge a noisy roommate or just need a place to escape from the kids, we’ve got you covered! Here, we go over some creative ways that you can begin making your space feel more authentic. With these suggestions in mind, you can make the most out of your current living situation. Read on for the specifics…

Hang Up Pictures

You can immediately make your space feel more like you by hanging up aesthetically pleasing wall art. Hang up pictures of your friends and family, or have that painting framed that your partner made you. If you’re decorating on a budget, you can also just get a bulletin board to display images, inspirational quotes, and photographs.

Whatever images you own make you happy, display them throughout your place to feel more like yourself. You might even consider getting canvas prints so that your place feels thoughtfully in line with who you are. You can even display your prints in a gallery framework so that you create symmetry on your walls. Get creative with all of the possibilities!

How To Make Your Space Feel Like You

Play With The Lighting

The lighting you have as the backdrop of your home decorating can significantly impact your mood. If you’re stuck with bright fluorescent lights, you’re more likely to feel washed out and irritated. Switch these out for LEDs in tones that feel good to you. Some people enjoy warmer tones and others like pure white light.

You can try out different light bulbs at hardware stores before purchasing to make sure you’re choosing what’s best for you. Don’t forget to display even lighting throughout your home to get enough light through the day. Too much darkness can decrease your Vitamin D levels and make you feel depressed. Make sure you also open the windows or at least the blinds each day to get enough light.

Consider Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an effective way to personalize a space. You can incorporate smells that you like and diffuse them in essential oil diffusers or by burning incense. If you’re not into creating such a zen space, you can also just light a candle that you enjoy the smell of.

Aromatherapy is therapeutic to the mind and adds a touch of personalization to whatever space you’re in. If you need your place to feel more like you, try aromatherapy! You can also buy cleaning products and laundry detergent you like the scent of to keep your space smelling fresh and clean. Consider the different ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your space.

Keep Your Space Tidy

No matter how nice your place is, it can feel unappealing if it’s messy. To avoid feeling scatter-brained, try cleaning up your place as soon as you notice it’s getting untidy. Keeping a clean space creates a better sense of balance and will allow you to unwind more easily. Your home should be comfortable, so keep it clean to bring out these qualities in you.

The Bottom Line

Making your space feel more like you is about incorporating the elements that remind you of what you enjoy and what feels like home! Consider the above suggestions as you work to create a space that best reflects your personality and style. Remember, there is no right and wrong with home décor if it feels right to you! Home is where the heart is, so find ways to capture what you love!

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