How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Tools

How to Clean Makeup Brushes and ToolsQuality cosmetics can be pricey. Extending the shelf life of your makeup will not only help keep you in budget, but will also help you get the very last bit from the fabulous-but-discontinued shade of eyeshadow, blush, or foundation that you simply adore. Keeping your makeup, brushes, and tools scrupulously clean, every week, is the first step. This will help in several ways. First, it will eliminate product build-up. Next, it will prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, it will make for much better product application. Finally, it will extend the life of your brushes and tools. Here are our top tips on how to clean makeup brushes and tools.

Makeup Brushes. Whether you use natural hair or acrylic bristle makeup brushes, a gentle, weekly sudsing is all you need. Dawn dish soap is highly recommended to prevent bacteria growth, which can lead to skin irritation and breakouts. Simply use a drop of dish soap with running water and gently massage the bristles. Remember to rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel, reforming the original shape. Let the brush air dry before reuse.

When drying brushes, do not store vertically with the bristles up, as this can cause water to leak into the handle. This can make the glue loosen and eventually lead to bristle loss.

Toss your makeup brushes when the bristles start to shed, fray, or lose their original shape

Pencil Sharpeners. Eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and lip liners all benefit from a regular sharpening. But, are you caring for your sharpener? While a sharpener can be quickly and easily cleaned with an old toothbrush and some dish soap, I like to go a step further and disinfect mine.

After a wash-up, use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip in order to completely disinfect the sharpener.

Toss your sharpener if the blade becomes nicked, as it will provide an uneven sharpening.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes and ToolsEyelash Curlers. My eyelash curler gets something of a workout… and, it shows! The build-up of mascara, eyeliner, and shadow can rapidly get out of hand. To keep it clean, remove the pad and wash thoroughly. Dry with a towel. If you choose to, a wipe down with rubbing alcohol will disinfect the piece, as well.

The pad can also be washed. Air dry and replace the curler pad only when it has dried completely.

Pads will degrade. So, toss the pad once every few months, depending on how often you use your curler.

Stencils. If you use eyebrow stencils, you know these small bits of plastic are invaluable! Keep yours clean with a weekly wash and disinfect with rubbing alcohol.

Nail Files, Scissors, and Manicure Tools. Emery boards cannot be properly cleaned. Instead, I choose either a glass nail file or a metal Diamond Deb version. Both of these can easily be washed with dish soap and disinfected.

The same is true for nail scissors and manicure tools. If you bring your own tools when you get a manicure or pedicure, completely wash and disinfect before and after your appointment. Never ever share manicure tools! Common infections, which can be passed from customer to customer in nail salons, include bacterial infections such as staph or strep.

Makeup Sponges. If you use a makeup sponge or silicone beauty blender to apply liquid foundation, these should really be washed and thoroughly dried after each use. Having multiples in rotation is essential.

Toss as the sponge begins to disintegrate.

Powder Puff. These cannot be effectively cleaned. Ditch the puff or pad that comes with your compact or loose powder and use a kabuki brush, instead. Not only will it stay cleaner, the finish that a large brush provides far surpasses an inexpensive puff or foam pad.

With a bit of care, you can keep your makeup brushes and tools in tip top shape, extending their life and freeing up your budget for… more makeup, what else?!

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Tools

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