Oversized Heating Pad by Aukfa Soothes Workout Soreness

Oversized Heating Pad by Aukfa Soothes Workout SorenessThis year I began horseback riding again in earnest and it’s been one wild ride (pun intended). It’s a great full-body workout and I can feel my fitness level increasing daily. But, quite a few years have gone by since I rode this consistently and somehow I forgot just how achy and stiff I could be after a long lesson or an energetic gallop! Luckily, I recently received an oversized heating pad from Aukfa, which makes my “recovery time” so much faster.

Especially in the cold weather, heat is incredibly soothing for my sadly out-of-shape muscles. And, according to Healthline in the article, “Heating Pads for Back Pain: Benefits and Best Practices,” the use of heat as a remedy for pain and muscle soreness actually dates back to advanced ancient cultures, from the Greeks and Egyptians, to the Chinese and Japanese. Unlike ancient remedies such as the use of hot spring soaks, hot stone massages, or saunas, however, “heating pads are ideal because they’re convenient and portable. They’re also electric, so you can use them anywhere in your home, such as lying in bed or sitting on the couch.”

And boy does this extra large heating pad work!

The oversized heating pad by Aukfa spreads heat evenly relieving my stiff, sore neck, shoulders, back, legs, and arms. The pad provides consistent heat, which deeply penetrates my muscles and soothes aches away.

And, unlike the decades-old model I have languishing in a closet, this heating pad features fast heating technology, which provides rapid relief. There are also six personalized heat settings from 95 °F – 140 °F, so I have complete control and can select just the right heat level.

The oversized heating pad “blanket” is made of incredibly soft microfiber plush on both sides (like a plush blanket). So, it’s cozy enough for even bare skin. (Note: For safety reasons, do not ever lay directly on this, or any other heating pad, to minimize the risk of injury to sensitive skin.)

This is also, without question, the largest heating pad I’ve ever seen. Measuring a whopping 17” x 33”, it covers every inch, from my achy neck, to strained lower back, with no repositioning needed. There’s even a 10-foot power cord, so I am not locked into sitting near an outlet (or searching for an extension cord in vain).

For maximum safety, this heating pad is UL certified (the gold standard in fire safety). Plus, there is a two-hour auto-off timer feature (in case you get so cozy that you doze off). I especially appreciate this safety feature, as I been known to occasionally forget to turn things off, like the lights, the coffeemaker, the hair straightener… well, you get the idea.

This heating pad retails for just $49.99 and is just one of the many home products available from Aukfa (I am also partial to the snuggly electric blankets). To see the entire line, visit Aukfa on Amazon. As for me, I’m headed to the barn!

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    Michael Coovert

    I know heating pads are supposed to help but they make me so uncomfortable. I can’t stand the heat. I naturally run hot and a lot of blankets and coverage and added heat makes me miserable..

  2. 6
    Michael Coovert

    I know heating pads are supposed to work but they make me so uncomfortable. I naturally run very hot, so zi can’t relax heavily covered up or with a lot of heat.

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