Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror: Essential for Flawless Makeup

Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror: A Must for Flawless Makeup I don’t like to admit it, but my eyesight is just not what it used to be. Call it too much pandemic-mandated screen time or call it a normal part of the aging process… I now need glasses to see close up! Usually, my reading glasses are not a problem. I got some black geek-chic, square frames that are pretty darned cute. And, I don’t even mind being seen in public wearing them! The problem is really when I try to put on my makeup. I never fully appreciated how difficult this is for those who wear glasses. Is my foundation blended enough? How straight is that eyeliner? Is my lipstick smudged? Heck if I know! So, I recently installed a nifty 8″ Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror.

Although I feel a little like Snow White’s evil stepmother when I gaze into it, the magnification really helps.  One side is normal magnification and one side is 8x magnification. The first time I used it I was shocked! Are my pores really that big? Is that gray hair? It was enough to send me running from the bathroom!

Once I got used to the magnification, I found that this mirror is something I simply can’t do without. It’s mounted to the wall at just my height and has a convenient bi-fold arm that extends 14″. It also has a swivel for tricky jobs like plucking eyebrows.

The 8″ Wall-Mounted Magnifying Mirror is available at Bed, Bath and BeyondIn chrome: $33.99. In nickel: $40.99 (and worth every penny!)

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    megan allen

    Yes yes yes! I need this in my life! I think I would be critical of myself at first but I cant find a single mirror in this house that I can pluck my eyebrows in! Thank you for this wonderful recommendation!

  2. 6
    Jesselyn Andersyn

    Other than the disconcerting jolt of suddenly seeing gray hairs, enlarged pores and those usually undetectable (to the bare eye) lines around your eyes – I find that a wall mounted mirror is an indispensible MUST HAVE tool. (And I keep a small magnifying mirror (or compact) in my purse (makeup bag.)

    It’s amazing what you don’t or can’t see – and a lot of it is actually, easily correctable!

    Thanks – good advice for all!

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