This Valentine’s Day, Make it Moissanite, the Diamond Alternative

It’s a bit of a family joke, but I admit, I love sparkly things. From sequined dresses, to beaded handbags, to the sparkliest of all… diamonds! But high-quality, white diamonds are often prohibitively expensive. Their mining can also raise serious ethical concerns. So, I’ve discovered an alternative gemstone recommended by the International Gem Society (IGS): beautiful, sparkling moissanite.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite was discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan, who later went on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Initially, he thought he had found diamonds inside a fallen meteor. However, the chemical composition of this unique gem turned out to be silicon carbide, which is extremely rare. (Diamonds, in contrast, are made from superheated and pressurized carbon.) Moissanite’s incredible rarity made it impossible to use commercially until just a few years ago, when the process to create a clear moissanite gemstone with the exact same chemical composition was finally perfected.

Because these lovely gems are lab-created, they have several important advantages over mined stones. In a recent International Gem Society (IGS) article entitled, “Moissanite vs. Diamond: Beauty, Durability, and Price,” moissanite comes out on top in every category. And, this brilliant gem is virtually indistinguishable from a diamond with the naked eye. IGS says that in order to tell the difference between diamonds and moissanite even, “… jewelry experts need a ‘moissanite tester’ — a device that measures electrical conductivity — and a loupe for a close visual examination.”

Not only is moissanite gorgeous, it’s suitable for everyday wear, unlike other beautiful-but-brittle gemstones such as emeralds which are prone to scratches, or opals which crack, chip and break with alarming regularity. At a 9.23 on the Mohs gemstone hardness scale, moissanite is actually the second-hardest gemstone available, second only to a diamond, which measures a 10 on the scale.

Of course, what you’ll really notice about moissanite is the incredible clarity, color and sparkling rainbow flashes. These stones are truly breathtaking!

If you are wondering where to even find moissanite jewelry, unfortunately, it is not available everywhere. But, one of my favorite new finds is Elldue Jewelry This company has some of the most gorgeous moissanite pieces – from rings, to necklaces, to earrings – that I’ve ever seen.

And, at the top of my personal list of faves is the dramatic sterling silver and moissanite ring pictured. This stunner features a high-set 5 carat center stone of AAAAA quality. Plus, there are 32 more stones set on the band and in the halo around the center stone’s base. Handmade by talented craftsman, the subtle, swirling design is a timeless classic with a serious wow-factor!

And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this ring would make the ultimate engagement ring. Of course, new brides can’t have all the fun – this piece is so beautiful, it would also make a perfect right-hand diamond cocktail ring, as well.

Not only does Elldue Jewelry offer beautiful jewelry, the ordering process is so easy. Need a return? It’s simple. Want a replacement? A helpful, professional team stands ready to help replace your item within 30 days. Need customization? No problem. Elldue Jewelry even offers free engraving services.

Best of all is the price. Just $399! To see the entire line visit Elldue Jewelry.

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    megan allen

    I love this!! Its absolutely gorgeous!! Definitely perfect for Valentines! I will have to casually discuss this and hopefully drop hints lol!

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    I’m glad to find out about moissanite, I must be a cave woman here, never heard of it before. And oooh, I’m hooked on sparkly things, too, esp when they are diamonds, and not a cheap geegaw that would entrance a bird or someone without any discerning taste.

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