Cushy Footrest is a Work From Home Lifesaver

Cushy Footrest from Dr. Cushions encourages proper desk posture and prevents back and neck pain!Are you still working from home? Sharing a space with your significant other 24/7, fielding help requests from kids who are online learning, and trying to maintain some sense of order in your house… the struggle is real. Add to this, your “home office” may actually be a game table in the den, the kitchen island, or your dining room table – none of which was designed for working at a laptop. This is simply not sustainable and can wreak havoc on your neck and back, causing pain, stiffness and even headaches. The solution? Creating an ergonomically correct workstation, including a cushy footrest!

Why does a footrest make such a difference? According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, it’s all about “proper desk posture.” And, in addition to a comfy chair with back support and the right keyboard, a cushy footrest tops the list of must-haves while working from home.

A footrest has several major benefits. It not only promotes circulation and blood flow, so feet won’t swell, it also aligns your entire body, helping to take the strain off of the spine and minimize pain. Plus, a footrest is so much more comfortable than resting simply feet on the (in my case, cold) floor!

Of course, not all footrests are created equally. One amazing footrest that I have just discovered is from Dr. Cushions. This cushy footrest makes sitting at a desk or table so much more comfortable. There’s no more squirming in my chair, trying to find the best position.

Unlike some others I have found which are made from wood, metal or even plastic, this footrest is actually more like an under-desk pillow for the feet. It’s made of highly resilient foam and (although I sound a little like Goldilocks) it’s not too firm and not too soft, but just right.

Cushy Footrest from Dr. Cushions encourages proper desk posture and prevents back and neck pain!There are even two sizes; one for people over 5’ 4” tall and one for those of us who are a bit more “vertically challenged.”

It’s also really cute (a necessity for my space). The foam is covered with durable ramie fabric in a contemporary, windowpane plaid design. The simple gray and white color scheme that I chose works with just about any décor from modern to traditional. But, there are other design options, too, from bold black and white geometrics, to a simple chevron.

And, the cover is washable (although the foam and no slip bottom are not). Velcro makes the cover easy to remove. Use the delicate cycle on cold and do not dry.  List Price: $34.70, Amazon Prime Price: $25.10

A Note: This footrest arrives in a vacuum sealed pack. But, don’t panic – it takes about 24 hours to come back to life.

To see all of the options, visit Dr. Cushions Amazon. Your back will thank you!

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    This is so nice, and I could use one for the mini-me’s, too. I was just wondering, why is the back of my heel hurting and chafed, then I realized I’ve been sitting on the floor, resting my laptop on my knees with my heels taking the brunt on the floor, my home “office.” I want this! I need this!

    • 4

      LOL. I was sitting on the couch with my computer on my lap until I got this footrest. It really makes sitting at a table or desk SO much more comfortable!

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