Lavender Oil Offers Calming Scent for Bath, Body and Home

Lavender Oil Offers Calming Scent for Bath, Body and Home - Susan Said... WHAT?!Did you know that lavender oil is highly effective in treating depression, tension, and anxiety? And, I think we could all use a little help with stress management right now!

For me, no other scent is as simultaneously heady, calming, and rejuvenating. The history of this sweet-smelling herb is well documented. The ancient Romans often used lavender petals and lavender oil to scent their baths, beds, and clothes, as well as employed its unique properties medicinally.

Of course, today the most commonly sourced lavender is from France and the famous lavender fields of Provence. But, did you know that lavender can be grown almost anywhere? And, quickly gaining in popularity is Bulgarian lavender.

According to Exploring Aromatherapy, “Bulgarian lavender is grown in a low altitude environment and has a slight, deep note and herbaceous tone. Bulgarian lavender has the same therapeutic benefits as French Lavender… making it perfect for skin care and beauty recipes as well as household uses.”

A wonderful way to try Bulgarian lavender for yourself is with a bottle of essential oil from First Botany Cosmeceuticals. This is therapeutic grade, 100% pure lavender oil, with no fillers or additives.

How to Use Lavender Oil

One of my favorite ways to use lavender oil is in the bath. And, because this bottle has a very convenient eyedropper, it is very easy to get just the right amount. Three drops is more than enough – the whole bathroom smells like heaven. (I also like the eye dropper because I have occasionally developed skin reactions to essential oils – probably by using too much, especially Peppermint Oil – so this helps me not overdo it.)

Lavender Oil Offers Calming Scent for Bath, Body and HomeThe oil is also fabulous for scenting drawers (just a drop on a sachet), bed pillows (a drop on a sachet tucked into the underside of the pillow) and even whole rooms (one drop on a lit light bulb).

Lavender oil can even be used in homemade beauty essentials such as soaps, massage oils, bath salts and body wash!

If you are ready to try heavenly lavender oil, you can try it completely risk-free. First Botany Cosmeceuticals stands behind their products with 100% Guarantee Policy. Simply try this amazing Lavender Oil and if you are not fully satisfied they will refund your money! Retail $21.95

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PHOTOS: Used with permission by First Colony Botanicals.

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PHOTOS: Image used with permission by First Botany Cosmeceuticals.

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    gloria patterson

    Lots of good information her that I never knew. I use lavender oil for headaches. I know this is NOT the right way to use it but it works for me. I just take the drop 1/2 full of oil part my hair and to area where the headache is. Just rub it and maybe it is the scent but what ever it is in 1/2 hour or so headache is usually gone

  2. 3

    I have to try this one. Lavender essential oil is one of my short-list favorites. It can be hit or miss especially getting them online. Tried and true review saves me from regrets!

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