Vela Contour: Firming Cream that WORKS!

the Vela Contour product line from Anacis, which helps increase firmness and elasticity of the lower jaw, chin and neck.I recently met one of my college roommates for lunch. I was excited to see her, because it had been far too many years since we’d gotten together. But, I was nervous, too. How would she find I’d changed? A little older? A few more wrinkles? I was especially aware of how my skin has sagged in the past few years, changing the contours of my face, jawline and neck. Luckily for me, I recently discovered the Vela Contour product line from Anacis, which helps increase firmness and elasticity of the lower jaw, chin and neck.

The Vela Contour system contains two products. First, the Revital Pack contains five treatments. They are incredibly easy to use. Simply open the foil pouch, apply to your neck and relax for 45 minutes (a good opportunity for some enforced reading time!).

The packs contain a mix of softening, smoothing and firming ingredients soaked into what looks like a wet wipe (it smells heavenly). There’s a lot of product, which is quite drippy. So, it’s best to lay a towel under your head / neck if you are lying on the couch or bed. This treatment should be done once a week.

The second part of the process is Vela Contour Firming Cream. Just smooth it on the areas that you want to lift, firm and shape. With everyday use, you’ll see a younger-looking neck and jawline and smoother skin.

As with the Revital Pack, the cream is also incredibly hydrating. So, a fab side benefit is that the lines that can develop around the neck are also minimized.

The firming cream is extremely rich and thick and takes a while to dry. Even after a few minutes, it’s still slightly tacky. So, take care and a bit of extra time when applying it under makeup, to avoid any ‘gumminess.’

These products contain Lys’lastine™ V, an herbal extract backed by clinical trials. There are also polysaccharides, to boost skin’s natural ability to hydrate and retain water (plumping it and reducing wrinkles). Plus, the patented Pepha®-Tight formula uses a highly purified extract from micro-algae, to combat the visible signs of aging.

Is this an instant face lift? Well… no. But, the noticeable results are cumulative, so stick with it! Retail $18.95 from Anacis.

As for my lunch date with my old roommate, it was simply lovely. And, she recognized me right away, so I’ll take that as a win!

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