Dior Makeup Essentials and a Makeover!

Dior Blush, 459 CharnelleMy good friend and co-worker turned to me the other day and asked, “Would you like to go to the mall at lunch to help me find shoes?” My response was, naturally, “Is this a trick question?” So, off to the mall we went. And, we were promptly ambushed at the Dior makeup counter.

What would a lunchtime jaunt to the mall be without an impromptu makeover? So, in the spirit of the day, we both enthusiastically agreed!

And then, a funny thing happened…

Dior waterproof crayon eyeliner, 774 PlumWhile Nicholas, my Dior makeup expert, examined my skin and began to pull out creams, serums, and moisturizers, a sense of déjà vu swept over me, just as he casually mentioned, “Gosh, you look familiar.”

In fact, it’s because this was the very same makeup artist who had introduced me to the Dior makeup line many years ago, but in a different city. (See my original makeover with Dior Nudes in 2012.)

While nudes may have been the must-have look years ago, this time, Nicolas took me in a totally new direction. This makeover was all about color — from gorgeous, deep russet lipstick, to coppery shimmer on the checks, to colored liner. It was amazing for me to watch what a great eye and an incredibly skillful hand can do.

It was nothing less than a transformation.

Although I adore all of the products that Nicolas selected (and I have a detailed list, so that I can go back), there were two that I simply couldn’t leave the store without.

Dior makeup essentials

First, Nicolas used Dior’s Rouge Blush 459 Charnelle, pictured, which gives cheeks intense, ultra-pigmented color that really lasts. The shades are buildable, so artful application can produce any effect, from a gentle blush to a bold statement. And, this blush is available in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.

This isn’t a color I normally would have selected for myself. But, Nicolas cleverly noted that I have recently changed the color of my hair. And, the new shade (which is more red than brown) pairs better with more autumnal hues than the pink that I reached for, simply out of habit. Noted! (Retail $44.00)

Next, he selected Dior’s Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner 774 Plum, shown, which can double as eyeshadow with some blending. For years, my go-to has been black eyeliner. But, as I’ve gotten older, even I have noticed that it can quickly look harsh if I go a bit heavy.

Instead, the plum brings out the gold flecks in my irises, has a softer look, but still accentuates the shape of the eye. It even comes with its own sharpener, so I can adjust the width of the line easily. Bye, bye black liner! (Retail $30.00)

Dior makeup essentials: A Dior makeover

If you have ever brushed off the invitation for a free makeover at the Dior makeup counter, next time, take advantage of the offer. Not only did I learn a lot about makeup application tricks, I expanded my horizons color-wise by listening to the advice of a true expert.

To find a Dior makeup counter, visit a Macy’s near you. If you’d like Nicholas to work his magic on you, he is available at the Dior counter at the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware. Christiana Mall is located right on I-95 and is easily accessible from southeastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Shore Maryland, and southern New Jersey, as well as New Castle and Kent Counties, Delaware.

And, in case you’re wondering, we did find the shoes which prompted the trip in the first place!

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