My introduction to the new Dior Dressy Nudes Collection

I arrived at the Dior Beauty Counter at Macy’s barefaced. Brave? I’m over 40, so… yes!

Dior’s Counter Manager Nicholas and Dior Beauty Stylist Leila took it in stride however, and began to educate me about skincare, makeup and its application. I learned the difference between a serum and a cream, how to apply makeup like a professional and why I should use concealer over foundation. In fact, I learned more about makeup in a short 45 minute workshop than I have in my entire adult life!

Extremely knowledgeable, Nicholas described the exciting, new Dior Dressy Nude Collection in detail. Each product is especially formulated – from cold pressed shadows, to skin brightening concealers, to foundations that contain crucial SPF 15.

While Nicholas and I chatted, Leilia – a true artist — skillfully applied serums, creams, tinted moisturizers and foundations to create a smooth, even-toned completion. Since I don’t wear eye shadows every day, she cleverly recommended a forest green liner that made my eyes stand out wonderfully. This was a technique I’d never tried before (for years, I have been sticking to dark brown and black liner). Gorgeous!

Nicholas and Leila from Dior were so knowledgeable about the new Dior Dressy Nudes Collection, as well as helpful with all of my questions. My makeover? A success!

Leila also showed me how to apply lip liner to make my lips appear lush and full and apply lipstick with a brush for even coverage that actually lasts longer.

When I was finished, I was provided not only with a detailed list of products to use, but also a chart showing how to apply them. Finally, I left with a bag of samples, so that I could (try to!) recreate the flawless look.

For use at home, two Dior products really stood out as must-haves for me. First, the Dior Nude Skin-Glowing Foundation created a beautiful, flawless look. I was a #20, but there are 16 shades from which to choose. Dior’s foundation has 100% natural active ingredients, giving the look of bare skin in every light. 30 ml. Retail: $48

Second, the Dior Rouge Nude Lipstick (#618) was absolutely stunning. I prefer neutrals or near neutrals, and this was a color that I could wear every single day. The collection includes a total of eight radiant lip blush shades, that hydrate, plump and smooth lips for an elegant finish. Retail $32

I have had a few makeovers in the past, but never by such knowledgeable, patient and skilled Beauty Stylists. If you have ever been intimidated to approach the Dior counter, please don’t be! This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. To find a Dior Beauty Counter, visit a Macy’s near you. For a store location, visit Macy’s.

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