Mily Makeup Stick-On Eyeliner: Perfect Cat Eyes

Mily Makeup Stick On Eyeliner: Perfect Cat EyesAccording to Vogue magazine, this is the year to “put down the contour kit.” Instead, style mavens everywhere will be choosing a bold look. “This year, rather than spending precious hours trying to fake razor-sharp cheekbones or a narrower nose, why not embrace the wild, playful, and fantastical side of beauty..?” If you are ready to stop stressing over your makeup routine, I have found the easiest, best, and most beautiful ways to go bold. It’s called Mily Makeup.

Mily Makeup is the brainchild of Paris-based makeup artist Mily Serebrenik. The São Paulo native knows a thing or two about bold color and artistic expression. Mily is the go-to makeup artist for unique makeup for glossy magazines, top designer brands, and runway shows – from Paris to Milan.

But, you won’t need Mily’s skill to achieve these dramatic looks. And, you won’t need a steady hand, an art degree, or a tackle box filled with products, either! Instead, Mily Makeup offers the easiest application method possible.

Because Mily has a secret.

These amazing looks, from cat eyes, to colored liners, to eye flash are all created using stick-on eyeliner. With Mily Makeup, you get all of the drama, with none of the headaches. And, your perfect look is achieved in a snap.

Mily Makeup stick-on eyelinerIn addition to liners, there are even clever mouches or stick-on beauty spots, reminiscent of the 17th- and 18th-century beauty “patches” (Caroline Vreeland is a fan).

How to apply stick-on eyeliner and mouches

Application of the eyeliner and mouches is so easy! First, make sure skin is clean and dry. Next, carefully peel off the sticker.  Then, place it on the skin and fill In with pencil, if necessary.

A tutorial video shows the steps (although the suggestion to apply mascara first did not work for me). And, you should always apply any powder or eye shadow afterwards.

Why choose stick-on eyeliner?

The perfect, crisp lines are extremely photogenic. If you are planning a photo shoot, or just need a new profile pic, Mily Makeup’s eyeliner will make you look as if you just stepped out of the makeup artist’s chair.

These eyeliners are also lifesavers for stage (pageants, runway modeling, talent competitions). There’s no smudging, no running, and no crooked lines!

Stick on eyeliner from Mily MakeupWearing these eyeliners takes a bit of getting used to. If you wear false eyelashes, the feeling is comparable. But, these are extremely lightweight (far more so than false eyelashes). So, after your first time, they aren’t really noticeable.

And, they stick where you put them, with no sliding or bunching. Thanks to the stretchy quality of the fabric and the little pores that are perforated into each piece, they adapt to eyelid movements and allow the skin to breathe. They are even easy (and painless!) to take off.

So many choices for your perfect look!

Classic, Hollywood glam, rock star … Mily Makeup offers so many options:

  • Les Classiques de Mily. 12 pairs of self-adhesive, ready-to-go wing eyeliners, in four different shapes, all in black.
  • Les Classiques de Mily. 12 pairs of self-adhesive, ready-to-go wing eyeliners, in four different shapes, in a rainbow of colors.
  • Metallic glam liners. One sheet contains 6 pairs of self-adhesive, ready-to-go metallic wing eyeliners in gold, silver, metallic green, and metallic blue.
  • Le Mix de Mily. A full sheet includes black eyeliners, mini eye flashes and a collection of mouches.

To see the entire makeup line, as well as an inspiration gallery, visit Mily Makeup.

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