French Press Coffee? C’est Bon!

French press coffee maker by FortluxeLet me set the scene… You have spent a miraculous day touring a capital city in Europe. Now, you arrive at a tiny bistro on a sun drenched side street ready for a rejuvenating brew. The view is picturesque. Cobblestone streets, festive checked tablecloths, and window boxes overflowing with colorful flowers. Your hunky, white-aproned waiter arrives with tiny china cups filled with steaming coffee. The heady aroma wafts in the summer air… Was this elixir of the Gods brewed in an electric Mr. Coffee machine? I don’t think so! A proper French press is the only way to brew coffee according to many coffee enthusiasts.

This stylish kitchen equipment is a standard throughout Europe – and American coffee fanatics are finally beginning to catch on. Today, over 2.5 million French press pots are sold each year in the US alone!

This gorgeous little gizmo, however, has a complicated past. The first coffee press may indeed have been made in France. But, the French press as we know it was actually patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929.

And, for those of us who truly love coffee, the French press offers far more than just a more chic alternative to the pedestrian electric brew pot!

  • Temperature control: Temperature is more easily adjusted because the water is heated separately from the grounds. Then, water is added once the desired temperature is reached.
  • Strength control: It’s easy to create the perfect coffee, whether you choose a mild cup, “cowboy coffee,” or somewhere in between. Simply steep grounds a shorter or longer time.
  • Maximum taste: Using a coffee filter never allows the oils in coffee to transfer into the cup. The French press method allows coffee oils to mix freely, creating full-bodied flavor.
  • No burned flavor from coffee that has been sitting on the heat plate too long. ‘Nuff said!
  • For camping trips, music festivals, and more, you are never far from a perfect cup of coffee. (thanks goodness!)

The 34 oz. French press by Fortluxe, pictured, is the perfect example of a simple, stylish, and oh-so-effective way to brew your morning cup of Joe. Or, suitably impress friends and family after dinner with your European savoir faire!

This press is extremely well-made and features a steel frame and durable, crack resistant glass. And, unlike other French presses, the glass is removable, making is simple to clean. Plus, the patented lid locking system ensures mess-free pouring and keeps your coffee hot (a common complaint amongst French press users).

In addition, there is a double layer filter, to keep grounds in the pot and out of your cup. Two replacement double filter screens are also included.

The retail price for the Fortluxe French press is $47.95 (a small price to pay for a lifetime of perfect java, in my humble opinion). But, with Amazon Prime you can score yours for only $17.97. So, with ever-increasing coffee prices (ahhemm… Starbucks), it makes sense to brew the ultimate cup of coffee right in your own kitchen.

And, this French press even comes with a 1-year craftsmanship warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will return your money with no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Wake up and smell the coffee!

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