Salt and Pepper Grinders are the Pro’s Secret

Salt and Pepper Grinders from Kitchen_GO go Beyond Black and White Over the past few years, one by one, my children have been growing up, graduating from college, and setting up their own homes. It’s been a joy to watch, until I reach for something and realize they’ve absconded with everything from baking dishes, to serving utensils… to my blender! Recently, I realized that I was using salt and pepper shakers obviously swiped from someone’s dorm dining hall and I knew than an upgrade was needed immediately. And, my new salt and pepper grinders from Kitchen-GO did not disappoint!

Why choose salt and pepper grinders, rather than shakers?

Pre-ground spices, such as pepper, have a much shorter shelf life than whole spices. So, using peppercorns in a grinder releases more flavor into food, which is why high-end restaurants always offer delicious fresh cracked pepper tableside.

Using salt and pepper grinders also opens the door for a wider variety of spice options. For pepper, of course, there’s traditional black. But, peppercorns also come in green, white, and pink variations. Each has a unique flavor and intensity level. And, mixing them allows you to create your favorite combination.

For salt, ho-hum, plain white table salt is a thing of the past. I personally love pink Himalayan salt. According to Medical News Today, “Pink Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas.” Not only is the pink variation pretty, it’s actually better for you. Table salt is usually heavily refined and mixed with anti-caking agents (to prevent clumping). Himalayan salt, however, does not usually contain these additives. Plus, pink Himalayan salt is available in larger crystals than table salt, making it the perfect option for a salt grinder.

Professional grade grinders make seasoning easy

The salt and pepper grinders from Kitchen-GO are a chef’s best friend. These grinders have an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism which allows you to quickly and easily switch from a fine to a coarse grind.

Each holds ¾ cup of spice, which keeps refills to a minimum. And, the stainless steel cap keeps spices fresh longer, unlike traditional “open” salt and pepper shakers which allow salt to clump in the humidity and pepper flavor to degrade.

I love the brushed stainless steel and sleek, modern design, which looks nice enough to leave out on my stove. And, the clear glass body means I never have to guess which is which, unlike some pretty, but impractical, versions I’ve seen.

These salt and pepper grinders retail for $14.99 on Amazon Prime. And, Kitchen-GO offers a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. What’s not to love? Time to get cookin’!

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    I have to say my salt and pepper I keep hidden, and I don’t have ones you can grind. This has me on a new mission to get nice ones, I want to check these out!

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