Umogi Steak Knives Offer High End Style, Durability and Performance the end of the holiday season, I always write out notes to myself about what went right (the lasagna and turkey were a big hit) and what fell flat (everyone is tired of ham). I also start a list of items I needed throughout the holidays (extra serving spoons, more plain white linen napkins, a coffee grinder). This is extremely helpful, because as much as I think I will remember next year, I inevitably forget, leaving me running to my neighbor’s house at the last moment on a mad search for ice tongs or a third pie server. This year, at the very top of my list? Desperately needed steak knives!

The steak knives in my cutlery drawer were gifted to me over a dozen years ago. And while I still like the “pistol shaped” design, they are dull and scratched from years of hard use. Luckily, I recently discovered these stunning knives from Umogi.

These high-end steak knives have a sleek black wood handle that is oh-so-elegant. And, their simple design pairs equally well with both my everyday flatware (Oneida American Harmony) and my just-for-the-holidays-inherited-sterling service (Towle Silver Flutes).

Of course, while I love the look of these knives, it’s the performance that I really adore. For example, the beautiful handles are made from black Pakkawood, which is incredibly durable. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Pakkawood is wood that is impregnated with an epoxy resin which makes it highly waterproof. Then it is ground and polished to achieve a high luster. Unlike standard wood handles, Pakkawood is strong and colorfast, providing the look and feel of natural wood, without any of the potential warping or splitting.

The blades of these knives are crafted of premium German high-carbon stainless steel for strength, durability and rust-free performance. And they are wonderfully well balanced and provide a smooth, clean slice. These blades are also wickedly sharp (Clearly, I did not realize just how dull my old knives had become!). Most importantly, these blades have a straight edge.

My old knives had a serrated blade, which I always (incorrectly!) assumed was best for meats. However, some of the best chefs in the world choose a straight edge. is a straight edge so much better? This subject was recently explored in the article “5 Best Steak Knives, Tested by Food Network Kitchen” at the Food Network. “In general, we found these knives [a straight edge] to cut more cleanly than serrated, with little to no drag or tearing… the serrated knives tended to drag through meat and tear it more frequently than the straight blades.” While this is important for steak, for more delicate meats such as fish, a minimum of tearing is absolutely essential.

These lovely steak knives come packaged six per box and retail on Amazon for just $32.96. I chose the black, but they are also available in a lovely gleaming cherrywood, as well.

Umogi also offers other kitchen essentials including chef’s knives in every size, shape and function imaginable. Visit the Umogi store on Amazon to see the entire line (if you like to cook, you are going to want them all).

Now that I have the steak knives covered, I am moving on to the next item on my shopping list… another electric wine opener, since one of my adult children seems to have “borrowed” mine during the holidays! you’re here, please take some time to enter our most recent style giveawaysAnd, if you enjoyed learning about these amazing Umogi steak knives, visit In the Kitchen for more kitchen tools and other essentials.

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