Micellar Water: Is It Right For Your Skin?

ESQUE Micellar Water Cleanser and Makeup Remover. Is It Right For Your Skin?I have been reading about micellar water as an effective makeup remover and cleanser for about a year. And, this week, I finally took the plunge (no pun intended!) and tested ESQUE Micellar Water.

If you aren’t familiar with this product or its origins, “micellar water has been around for over a hundred years, first gaining momentum in France, where it was designed to help Parisians deal with the region’s infamously harsh water supply. The formula is made of micelles, which are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water,” according to Christa Joanna Lee in a recent article for Elle magazine.

Sounds simple enough. But, how does it actually work?

It turns out that the elongated shaped micelle particle has an oil-loving “tail” that traps dirt, oil and makeup. Its water-loving “head” allows the micelle to dissolve impurities, so they can easily be wiped away. Dr. Debra Luftman, Board Certified Dermatologist, explains, “Micellar waters work like a miniature sponge, mopping up dirt and makeup…”

Makeup remover for sensitive or blemish-prone skin

For sensitive or acne-prone skin, choosing a makeup remover or facial cleanser can be tricky. Soap and harsh cleansers are out of the question, since drying out the skin too much can cause a vicious cycle of breakouts. And, oil cleansers, while providing crucial moisture, can clog pores which also starts breakouts.

Micellar water, however, offers a perfect solution since micelle particles are attracted to dirt and oil and draw impurities out of pores – all without drying out the skin.

The lack of harsh alcohols or chemicals, plus the “no rub” nature of micellar water keeps sensitive skin from becoming irritated. Plus, it gently hydrates. And, in the quest to eradicate blemishes, this crucial step is often overlooked.

How to use micellar water for travel

Whether you’re headed off to a music festival, a day at the beach, or a long flight, this is incredibly convenient as both a makeup remover and cleanser. Because this is a one-step cleansing and moisturizing process, no running water is needed for rinsing. One product literally does it all.

This is actually my favorite application. Simply stash a travel sized bottle in a beach or pool tote for on-the-spot cleansing. So easy!

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use micellar water?

Of course, no product works for everyone. Those with very dry skin, who require more intensive moisturizing, will need more hydration than micellar water can provide. For those with dry or “mature” skin, I suggest an oil cleanser, which will simultaneously clean and hydrate very dry, wrinkle-prone skin.

This also will not remove heavy foundations or eye makeup (like thick cover-ups and especially waterproof mascara).

For heavy makeup removal, I do recommend an oil or oil-based product (fractionated coconut oil is a new fave of mine). However, a sweep of after makeup removal takes away that oily feeling that can be left behind, and makes skin feel fresh, not greasy.

How to use micellar water in your daily beauty routine

Simply soak a cotton ball and sweep it across your whole face. (I prefer a tissue for eyes and lips.) There is no need to rinse. And, skin feels so fresh after using. It’s a simple process that actually works.

Although there are many brands of micellar water available, and virtually every major makeup and skincare brand has released a version, ESQUE Micellar Water is ideal. It’s all-natural and vegan approved, as well as paraben-free. Plus, there are no harsh fragrances, chemicals, or dyes.

ESQUE Micellar Water retails for $22.99 on Amazon Prime for a 16 oz. bottle. This is far less than similar products from Lancôme ($38), Dior ($39), and Guerlain ($59) – for bottles that are half the size!

So, I say “yes” to French micellar water (or better yet… Ooooh la la!).

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DISCLAIMER: No financial compensation was received in exchange for this post. I did, however, receive a promotional sample of the micellar water mentioned above in order to fully evaluate the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers.

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