Bath Bombs Turn A Bath into a Spa-Like Retreat

Bath Bombs Turn A Bath into a Spa-Like RetreatI love a leisurely soak in the tub so things like bath oils, luxe bath salts, and bubbles are always a part of my relaxation process. And, one of my favorite products is the bath bomb. I have used bath bombs from Lush for years, so I was interested to see how the Bodyphoria bath bombs stacked up. Pretty well, it turns out!

The box comes with 8 individually wrapped bath bombs (shrink wrapped and then covered in hot pink tissue). It makes a really nice presentation if you are giving them as a gift.

The bath bombs themselves are actually quite large (3.5 oz. to Lush’s 3.1 oz. Butterball). And, they smell heavenly! I like the unique combinations like Bergamot, Chamomile, and Lavender (anything that contains lavender is going to be an instant hit with me – and several of the bombs do use lavender). Each one is different, but they all share that same overall, luxury spa smell.

From my experience, I found that they don’t “froth” quite as effusively as some that I have used in the past. But, they are not bubbles, after all. And, they did make the water feel soft and silky (they contain soothing shea butter and moisturizing coconut oils).

But, these bath bombs are priced really well! At $25 for 8, they average just a bit over $3 each. The most bare bones bath bomb at Lush is the Butterball (3.1 oz., not one of the bath “bowling balls” which are ridiculously huge) and the Butterball retails for $4.95. If you are giving these as a gift, you can give almost twice as many for the same price. Or if you are buying them for yourself, they are very budget friendly. (Who can afford to spend $8.95 for one Lush “Yoga bomb” for one bath?)

I also love that the bath bombs from Bodyphoria don’t contain any artificial colors or fragrances, because my skin is sensitive. I do know that many other companies use chemicals, especially for color, which have irritated my skin. Plus, you don’t get a fluorescent blue, green, orange, etc. stain in your tub.

The only thing I did not like is the inclusion of flower petals. I like the way they look in the bath bomb (so natural!). But, I am not a fan in general because they can clog the drain and you have to clean up the tub right afterwards so they don’t dry and stick (a minor detail).

Bodyphoria bath bombs retail for $37.90, but with Amazon Prime, they are only $24.97. There are actually two collections: one is called That Special Someone, which is the one I tried, and the other is named Just for You. Both are all natural, high quality, luxury bath bomb collections that will turn any bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary!

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