Ozeri Scale: Stop the “holiday weight creep”

Ozeri Scale: Stop the "holiday weight creep"It starts with the leftover Halloween candy, continues with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings, really winds up as Christmas cookies begin to arrive, and ends sometime around the day when the big, red velvet box of Valentine’s chocolates is finally empty. It’s the “holiday weight creep” and this year I’ve vowed not to let it get me! I have found that it’s easier to keep my weight under control, at any time of the year, if I weigh myself at least every few days. And, although we have scales in every single bathroom (obsessive, I know) mine is the oldest and least reliable (my darling, teenaged girls swiped the new ones). So, I was thrilled with the opportunity to try the new Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale. This new Ozeri scale not only measures weight, it can also track fat, muscle, bone, and even hydration with Auto Recognition.

I was intrigued! How could this possibly work?

Here’s the science: The scale utilizes an advanced algorithm that calculates weight, body fat, hydration, muscle, and bone mass. The simple StepOn technology weighs up to 440 pounds in 0.1 kg increments. And, there are three touch-sensitive buttons for auto recognition for up to eight profiles for shared use. Just put in your data like age, height, and gender. (But, this one is staying in my bathroom, so back off girls!)

The results are amazing and easy to read. For example, I never realized how dehydrated I become during the average day (I simply forget to drink water and hours can go by while I am sitting at the computer). Thirst is often interpreted by the brain as hunger. So, I am becoming better at staying hydrated, plus keeping a check on those fridge raids!

Not only is this scale a must-have for the health conscious, the contemporary design also looks great in the bathroom. A sleek, reflective black surface is made of quality impact-resistant tempered glass, which is four times stronger than normal glass.

The sophisticated look and durable construction are typical of Ozeri products. Ozeri is one of my favorite companies for high quality health and lifestyle products. I have many of Ozeri’s “healthy living” products, including a fantastic digital kitchen scale and a well-used pedometer, as well as must-have “housewares for modernity” such as an electric wine opener, salt and pepper grinder, and a set of really chic double-wall glassware.

The Touch Total Body Bath Scale now joins my list of Ozeri favorite products! Of course, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Ozeri products have been featured in such major publications as the New York Times, Imbibe Magazine and even the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, the best part is that this scale is surprisingly affordable. When simple bathroom scales can regularly cost over $100, the List Price for the Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale is $39.95, but with Amazon Prime, it is only $29.41 and includes free shipping.

And, although I might not give this as a gift, it’s a great “gift” to give yourself as the holiday season continues and the homemade fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, and nut-encrusted cheese balls fill up the pantry and fridge. After all, there are only 188 days left until summer…

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