BetterBox Subscription Box: Be Beautiful… Inside

BetterBox Subscription Box: Be Beautiful... on the InsideI’ve tried many subscriptions boxes – from beauty essentials to monthly gardening products. But, can a subscription box actually make you a better person? That’s the question I asked myself when I was approached by BetterBox.

BetterBox is a whole new way to look at subscription boxes. Instead of focusing on making the outside prettier, more stylish, or more organized, BetterBox tackles what’s inside.

According to BetterBox, the company was built on a simple, eternal truth: all great change begins with small manageable steps toward a goal. Founded by  mind-body health expert Eric Walrabenstein, BetterBox’s goal is to deliver uplifting, life-affirming experiences that help people live happier lives.

Each BetterBox is crafted to help create a happier more joyful life using themes like Gratitude, Kindness, and Mindfulness.

My “Heartfelt Gratitude” Box arrived packed with products and a special link and code that I entered on the company website in order to receive instructions. Each day, one task was required that utilized the beautiful items contained in the box. Here’s how it worked:

Day 1: Map Your Blessings

Fill out the mind map and you realize just how much you have to be grateful for in life. I have had several major struggles lately, but, by writing out the good, it was easy to see how it vastly outweighed the bad. By keeping the mind map on my desk, it was always in plain view and a positive reminder.

Day 2: Show Gratitude

Send a quick note to someone who has helped you, motivated you, or challenged you to be your best. I have been trained (practically since I could write my name) to send thank you notes for everything, so this was a simple task. The note cards included in the box are really lovely, but when you run out, a phone call,  email, text or even Facebook message would also be appreciated. Remembering to reach out and make contact is the key!

Day 3: Life is Filled with Simple Things

Brew some tea, admire the sunset, and snap a photo for social media. It sounds corny, but all summer and fall we’ve enjoyed gorgeous weather and this has become a highly anticipated end of the day ritual for my husband and me. Granted, we often drink wine and certainly don’t snap pictures every day (and when we do, they are sometimes of our kitten) but it’s a great way to relax, recharge and take pleasure in something – like a sunset – that might be overlooked in the day’s hectic rush.

Day 4: That Happy Place

Visit a place for which you’re “supremely grateful,” sit for at least 30 minutes, then leave the gratitude stone for someone to find. This task was one of my favorites! I love the idea that someone I have never met will find the stone and be inspired. I am sad that there was only one stone to leave and am toying with the idea of using Sculpy Clay to make more!

Day 5: Inspire Gratitude

Pay it forward. I occasionally pay the toll for the car behind me or buy someone’s coffee at the Dunkin Donuts drive through. By committing these acts – small as they are – I hope that the recipients are inspired to do the same.

Day 6: Gratitude Wall

Grab five sticky notes and write a different thing about your family or home that you’re grateful for, and place them in your office or fridge. I actually used more than five and put them all over the house. My kids think I am “cheesy,” but secretly, I know they love it.

Day 7: Show Gratitude for Yourself

Take a soothing bath with the enclosed bath salts. I love a great soak in the tub and use the opportunity to regroup after a stressful day (or month, as the case may be). Taking the time to do little things for yourself is important and one of the things that I regularly put on the back burner. Currently, I desperately need a haircut, I have a dozen items at the dry cleaner ready for pick up, and I’ve been trying to finish the same book for over three weeks. Learning to take care of myself is a work in progress. But, just by reminding myself using the BetterBox, I feel like I’ve made progress.

End of Week Reward

When the  journey is complete, your reward is a yummy sugar cookie!

In addition to the Heartfelt Gratitude Box, BetterBox offers other themes, as well, including Awakening Mindfulness, Igniting Creativity, Pay it Forward, and more. Each box retails for $34. Or, collect all six  journeys and save over 20% on single-box prices. This would make an excellent holiday gift for someone you love!

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PHOTOS: Used with permission by BetterBox.

DISCLAIMER: No financial compensation was received in exchange for this post. I did, however, receive a sample of the Heartfelt Gratitude BetterBox mentioned above in order to fully evaluate the products and experience. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers.

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