What you should be shopping for now… Floral denim for fall!

The best floral denim for fall 2012

White Stuff floral skinny jeans
$78 – johnlewis.com

Elle magazine recently ran a special on denim trends for 2012. And, like most gals, I have a lot of denim in my closet. Denim jackets, jeans galore, and even a great sleeveless denim dress that’s quite a few seasons old.

But denim for 2012 has taken a very, umm… interesting turn. Some of the highlights (or maybe I should say lowlights?) include high-waisted denim trousers, slouchy denim shorts, maxi skirts, metallic embellished or patchwork jeans, denim trench coats, and even denim overalls (yes, I said overalls). I can assure you that none of these items will be gracing my walk-in any time this century!

Luckily, there is one denim trend that I was really excited to see — the return of floral denim. I say return, because I well remember the first time around (in the late 1990’s). I had an adorable pastel pink floral denim jacket and several pairs of floral jeans.

Now that I am a little older, I still like the idea of floral denim. It’s feminine. It’s flirty. And, somehow it’s a bit dressier than standard blue. But, I will steer away from anything too bold, bright or graphic and leave that to the ‘tweens and teens! I’ve highlighted a few of my top choices above.

What do you think? Will you wear floral denim this fall?

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    Oh my goodness… have you ever seen a trend for the first time and wished it away before it even arrived? I have to say that this is one. I’ll buy a pair for my 12 year old daughter whose toothpick legs are longer than mine. And then I’ll ride this trend out enjoying it on her! But thanks for making me the cool mom by letting me know!

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      All the time! I went to Fashion Week a few years ago and felt about 100 years old. But, I thought these jeans would be cute with a solid colored sweater and some flats. The denim overalls… I’ll skip those!

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    silver account

    ~All of our free pattern posts are archived in the Free Pattern Days tab at the top of this page!~ We just finished five posts on quilts made from recycled blue jeans ( part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 and part 5 ). While doing our research for that series, we came across dozens of free patterns for denim quilts… and selected some that are truly unique and beautiful. Sincere thanks to these creative quilters!

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