The sophisticated way to wear a Peter Pan collar this fall!

A grown up take on the Peter Pan collar

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Maybe it’s the memory of all those years spent in a school uniform, but as an adult I have always shied away from Peter Pan collars. This season, that’s about to change!

You see, one of the strongest trends for Fall 2012 is what I call “ladylike” fashion. For example, 1950’s inspired pointy toed pumps, classic Kelly bags, and simple camel hair trench coats are all very much on track. And, nothing is more ladylike than the Peter Pan collar!

Adorning dresses, blouses, and even winter coats, the Peter Pan collar you’ll see this season is sleeker and infinitely more sophisticated than the dreaded school uniform of my past.

But, wearing a Peter Pan collar can be tricky…. In order to avoid looking like a sexy schoolgirl cliche, avoid tight tops and very short dresses. The opposite is true, too – to avoid looking like you are in maternity wear, skip the voluminous tops.

The key is balance and a sophisticated color palette. I’ve chosen three options above that I think strike an elegant note.

I’m curious, will you try Peter Pan collars this fall?

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