Adorable Uttermara Weighted Blanket Feels Like a Warm Hug

Adorable Uttermara Weighted Blanket Feels Like a Warm HugAlthough they seem to be everywhere these days, the “trendy” weighted blanket has actually been around since the 1990s. Originally, these blankets were used therapeutically in the special-needs community to provide what’s known as Deep Pressure Touch. Calming to the central nervous system, Deep Pressure Touch is like receiving a big, warm bear hug.

According to the experts at world-renowned Penn Medicine in the recent article 4 Ways Weighted Blankets Can Actually Help You, the premise is simple, “When you’re stressed, your heart beats too quickly. The gentle pressure on your body provided by a weighted blanket can help to calm you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate when you’re stressed.”

So, who can benefit from a weighted blanket? A weighted blanket can be helpful for those with anxiety, sleep disorders such as insomnia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even Autism. For children, the blanket helps ease bedtime anxiety, allowing kids to get some much-needed rest.

The Uttermara Weighted Kids Blanket, pictured, weighs just 6 lbs., making it ideal for children (although these blankets are NOT for babies or toddlers). It’s essential to choose the correct size for the recipient.  Uttermara recommends a weighted blanket that weighs about 10% of body weight, plus 1 lb. So, the 36″x 48″ blanket, shown, is suitable for children weighing 45-75 lbs. (It’s also essential to make sure the child can easily pull the blanket off by himself.)

In addition, the Sleep Foundation says, “Some sleepers should take extra precautions and speak to their doctor before using a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket may be unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions, including chronic respiratory or circulatory issues, asthma, low blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and claustrophobia and sleep apnea.”

Adorable Uttermara Weighted Blanket Feels Like a Warm HugThe Uttermara blanket is handwoven of chunky yarns, in a pretty pastel color-block pattern called “Confetti.”   This chunky weave is not only fashionable, it is more breathable than other weighted blanket options. Plus, it has no beads sewn into the fabric.

This knitted blanket can be machine washed in a laundry bag (crucial if you are using it for children!). But, for longer life, spot cleaning is recommended.

I absolutely adore this blanket. In addition to being perfectly child-sized, I find that it is a wonderful couch “throw” for adults, as well. I love snuggling under while reading or watching tv. The soothing pressure is incredibly comforting after a long day of work, when my mind simply can’t shut down. Amazon Retail: $103.50

In addition to this gorgeous child-sized weighted blanket, Uttermara also offers a range of full-sized, adult blankets. These include snuggly sherpa, cozy fleece, and more, all at affordable prices. To see the entire line, visit Uttermara.

Sweet dreams!

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