A Clever Design Makes This Jewelry Stand A Travel Essential

Clever Design Makes This Jewelry Stand A Travel EssentialAmericans are ready to travel again. According to a recent piece on LinkedIn, the outlook for travel is downright giddy. Of course, travel doesn’t necessarily mean hopping on the first plane to Europe. While I would love to plan a grand getaway, because of the pandemic, I will be staying on this side of The Pond, at least through the summer.

And, local travel can be quite fun. For example, one of my closest friends recently purchased an RV for “glamping.” For months, she and her husband have been jaunting about the area, learning new hiking trails, challenging each other to mountain bike races, and kayaking beautiful waterways (entirely self-contained from the virus and worry-free). Of course, RV travel comes with its own set of challenges – one of the most important being a serious lack of space. Although their RV is roomy by RV-standards (27 feet), it’s still a far cry from an Airbnb home rental with four bedrooms, two-car garage, and pool house. So, she’s gotten creative about packing. And, one new space saving tool I’ve recommended is the travel jewelry stand, pictured, from IMHO.

Although this appears to be a little stand, it is actually very deceptive. The lozenge shape accordion folds outward to reveal multiple compartments that hold an incredible amount of jewelry. Closed, it measures just 2.6” x 4.5” x 9.3”. But it still manages to create space for a whopping 63 pairs of stud earrings (less for dangling earrings to avoid tangling). I love jewelry, but I don’t think I own 63 pairs of earrings! There is even a mirror to make sure your final look is exactly right.

NOTE: While there are small hooks for chain necklaces or bracelets, based on the state of my luggage when it arrives at its destination (on occasion), I recommend using this jewelry case for earrings with backs only, to avoid any potential issues. If using on a dressing table, however, you have space for almost 20 hanging pieces, as well as plenty of earrings.

This little case is made entirely of sturdy plastic, so it can withstand quite a bit of packing and unpacking. But, it’s very lightweight, which is essential if you are flying and trying to stay within luggage weight limits.

Beyond travel, this jewelry case is actually useful whenever space is at a premium. It would be a helpful organizing tool in dorm rooms (with their notorious lack of surface area). Or, it would be lovely for those who live in a tiny house or studio apartment.

This travel jewelry stand is available in sleek white or a classic hunter green. Retail on Amazon: $28.99

Now, who’s ready for a road trip?

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    Lauryn R

    This is such a cool design, I love how it looks and how it folds up for travel! My daughters and I could definitely use one of these.

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