#Giveaway! Freshee Towel Set has Built-in Odor Protection

#Giveaway! Freshee Towel Set has Intellifresh™ Technology for Built-in Odor ProtectionCall me crazy, but I love to start the new year with a home improvement project. And in 2021, I have several! Top of my list? Painting two of the bathrooms. A few years back, I jumped on the pale blue-green bandwagon (and almost instantly regretted it). Since I am spending more time than ever at home these days, it’s definitely time for a mini-remodel. In addition to a fresh coat of paint (white, this time) and some creative reuse of artwork, the very best part of my updated bathrooms is sure to be my new antibacterial Freshee towel and bath mat set

Each piece in this bath set is made from super soft, fluffy 100% Pima cotton yarn using Enduraweave technology. This is a weave that is most used for luxury hotel towels. So, the towels have a luxurious, plushy feel that is extra welcome on cold January mornings!

Plus, this weave ensures that they are significantly more durable and shrink less than the average bath towel.

But, the Intellifresh™ technology is what really sets them apart from other luxury towels. The built-in built-in odor protection – yes, you read that right – is an absolute lifesaver if you have a houseful of kids or teens. No more smelly towels, even if they repeatedly leave them on the bathroom floor “by accident.”

These towels also wash incredibly well, retaining their original fluffy feel and absorbency.

The 10-piece bath set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, two bath mats, and four wash cloths. Retail $45.99

#Giveaway! Freshee Towel Set has Built-in Odor ProtectionIn addition to the luxury towels, Freshee offers other must-haves including pet towels, oh-so-cute kitchen towels, and even gym towels, all with antimicrobial odor protection. Essentials such as sheets and shower curtains are also available, plus new releases including beautiful quilts are coming soon.

Various Freshee products are available at your favorite retailers, from Kohl’s to Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, or online at Wayfair and Amazon. Or, visit

To learn more about these amazing antimicrobial odor protection products, visit Freshee.

Now, one lucky Susan Said… WHAT?! reader will the Freshee 10-Piece Bath Set featuring Intellifresh™ technology in white. To enter, simply use our easy Rafflecopter form. This giveaway is available for readers in the CONTINENTAL USA, aged 18+. Odds are determined by the number of entries received.  Giveaway ends 2-15-2021. Good Luck! 

UPDATE: This giveaway has now ended. Congrats to our winner Amber K. of Bay City, MI!

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  1. 5
    ae Minx

    I always go for light colors in my bathroom. Light yellows, or pinks. I love new towels, they just spruce the bathroom up. I’d keep these for myself

  2. 11

    I’d be tempted to take a beach vacation in Mexico and these towels would come in handy to dry off and wrap my hair in a turban, all very Instagramable!

  3. 16

    Ideally, my entire bathroom needs to be redone. I have to settle for minimal repairs such as recaulking, repairing a broken tile (that I cannot locate any), and a few things like that, and also need to paint. If I had these towels, I’d paint a color that is complementary.

  4. 18
    megan allen

    I read that this company donated to their local fire department! There is nothing more amazing then when company’s support their front line workers!

  5. 19

    It would be a nice way to treat yourself or guests, to have a spa hour and fill the tub with bath salts, burn a nice candle like Yankee’s Fresh Cut Roses, wrap your hair in one of these nice towels, and use them to dry off. **ahhhhh**

  6. 21
    Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    Our towels are old, ragged and mismatched! If I painted our bathroom I think an aqua color would be lovely! Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  7. 22
    Candie L

    I would repaint the bathroom a nicer blue. My husband was proud of the job he did on it but oh my not a very good job (dont really think there should be paint on the ceiling?)

  8. 23
    megan allen

    A big ice storm is coming our way! It sure would be nice to keep myself warm with these big fluffy towels if the power goes out! LOL On a serious note, to everyone in this storms path..please be safe!

  9. 25

    Did you ever fall in love with a decor item, that can launch an entire re-decoration? These towels could launch a million ships! I adore them, and they’d give me a good reason to them redo the bathroom, which would then make me want to start re-doing other rooms, too!

  10. 28

    My towels are mismatched and I could use a set that has the same colors to coordinate with my neutral bathroom. The towels look absorbent and the odor protection is a plus.

  11. 29

    I don’t have a fan in my very small bathroom, and everything stays moist and that isn’t good. These towels would be so perfect in every way!

  12. 32

    My bathroom is way overdue for an update. However, I can’t really do that, and you can get a lot of bang for your buck by replacing towels and having some attractive decor, painting. And that is what I am intending to do. I’m crushing on these towels!!!

  13. 38
    Deanna Lynn

    We need some new towels so I would keep them for me. I want a shite bathroom. Ours is a grey right now and I just want it to be classic. But I like dark towels because I don’t like getting makeup on white towels.

  14. 40

    I’d love to use these in the bathroom. The towels I have now aren’t colorfast, and they have lost most of their color, even without bleaching. I’d like to be able to use some bleach for towels, and these are knock outs, and a great company!

  15. 52

    I would love to take the towels I have now, and donate them to an animal rescue, and replace them with these!!! I wouldn’t be embarrassed anymore to have guests use the bathroom (post Covid, of course)!!!

  16. 57

    I don’t think I could give them away, too nice, but they would be perfect gift for so many occasions, and you can always use white!

  17. 61

    Why do you need a new towel set? I need a new towel set for myself because the ones I have a few holes in them and money is tight right now so they work for the time being, but would love a new set for myself.
    What color would you paint your bathroom? A light pink coral.
    Will you keep these or give them as a gift if you win? I will keep this gift (:

  18. 62

    These would be nice for a guest room bathroom, and if I had one, I’d love to paint the walls a semi-gloss white, too! White and sparkling!

  19. 64

    I’d be tempted to use them on furniture if I had a vacation home. I’ve seen nice towels like this used as covers and they look fantastic, are easy to wash, and for one time you can have white furniture and not be yelling at people when they actually sit on it!

  20. 69
    Lauryn R

    These towels sound amazing and luxurious! The itellifresh technology is perfect for families, I cant believe they keep themselves fresh!

  21. 72

    I’d be tempted to give them to my relative, who got yelled at for using white towels in the guest room when she was staying with relatives in Maui, she didn’t realize they were just for looks.

  22. 78
    Carolyn Daley

    It would be nice to replace our old towels. We plan on moving soon so I have no idea what color we would paint our bathroom until I see the new layout. I love the idea of blue walls.

  23. 80
    Wendy Pesce

    Our towels are old and honestly, ripping apart, We really need some new ones! I think I would choose gray, because ot would go with any color decor. We are looking at remodeling our bathroom and want to paint it a slate blue

  24. 84

    I’d be tempted to not use the towels and showcase them as a big part of decor for the bathroom, mix it with nice nickel shelving, and a couple of plants and candles. I’m dreaming!

  25. 88
    Lauryn R

    I need new towels because all of ours are getting old and have seen better days! It would be amazing to have new ones, and these with odor technology sound incredible! I would keep them for my family.

  26. 89

    What would be perfect is to have a set for my own place, and a set for giving as a gift, esp as I like to make gift baskets, and these luscious towels would make a gift basket so special!

  27. 92

    I’ve been wanting to move for a while, and Covid has made it hard for me, and the competitive real estate market, but boy oh boy, I do adore white. I had gotten off my white color kick for a while when I had a white carpet and dropped red jello powder on it while running to answer the phone. But I’m over my fear, and no white carpet again, but towels and white paint, ohhh laaa laah!

  28. 97
    Jeanna Massman

    I would definitely keep these towels! In fact, I could really use some new towels! I would probably paint my bathroom a light beige.

  29. 99
    Tara Zarecky

    I would like to have a blue/white them in my bathroom. I would put these white towels up in contrast to the blue walls I would paint.

  30. 101

    I’d use these towels in my only bathroom. My current ones would be good to donate to animal shelter, note – don’t bother buying the cheapest towels, you will regret it.

  31. 103
    Vera H Godley

    Who doesn’t need new towels? I could easily replace a couple of my oldies. I’m in a fairly new home and don’t need to paint. However, if I were to do so, I’d go with a neutral off-white-tanish paint and I would go with a finish that is washable but not glossy. I have grown children with families and might gift these to one of them. Or if they don’t need or want them, keep them as a gift to myself.

  32. 105
    Kathy Bowen

    If I won I would keep the towels for myself. I always paint my bathroom white because white looks so clean. Plus you can accessorize with color.

  33. 108

    These towels have my mind whirling with ideas – oooh can new pretty white towels spark a re-do for decor? You betcha!!!! Oh wow, white, white, white, and I see nice decor ideas from Pottery Barn with white towels, this would be a dream! I need to paint, if I could have these white towels, I’d want to set them off with paint that showcases them!

  34. 115
    Laurie Nykaza

    I need a new towel set for my bathroom. I did paint it a blue right before 3/13 when we went in our home and have not left it. Mine are old ones that I use right now.

  35. 119
    Cheryl T

    My in-laws got us towels for christmas last year. When I washed them before using them, I don’t know if something was on them or in the washing machine, but they got stained and completely discoloured. It’d be nice to have some new ones.

  36. 125
    Hannah Nelson

    I need a new towel set to replace my old ones. My bathroom is currently painted light blue and I’d like to keep it that color. I’d keep the towels for myself.

  37. 126

    I’d like to have them for guests, but that they could actually use them. My SIL stayed at a relative’s home, and they had pristine white towels for her guest bathroom. Little did she know they were only for looks, and not to use, and got yelled at! I’d make sure the guests know it is fine to use them, and have them on a pretty tray with some nice soaps, and a flower in a vase, and make them feel pampered!

  38. 128

    I’d keep them for myself. it’s always a treat to have new towels. Having a complete set in the same color would be great.My bathroom was recently repainted an off white

  39. 139
    Lisa Edwards

    I would like to redo my bathroom in shades of gray with gray towels, I need new towels because my husband can’t tell the difference between the dog towels and our towels nor does he understand the importance of washing them separately

  40. 151

    First I would ask any of my girls if they needed them. If they said no – I would keep them. It always seems like my towels or wash cloths disappear or wear out easy.

  41. 157

    I know someone who has white, white towels, and does it make a huge difference. I’m looking to spiff up my bathroom, paint too, and replace broken tile, these towels would make it sparkling and so special!

  42. 164
    Rose Reeder

    I would paint a light shade of green, when we moved to this home we painted light shade of yellow 14 years ago. Towels in yellow and still have and use.

  43. 169
    megan allen

    I definitely need new towels! We just had to throw a bunch away because they had rips in them! Thank you for the opportunity!

  44. 170
    Debra Sluis

    do I need new towels? Oh yes. I noticed these days that my towels are quite thread bare and fraying and the thrift store would not even take them- they are only fit for rags, actually. i would keep these and I want blue!

  45. 174

    My current towels are an embarrassment! They were the cheapest you could get and the first time I even looked at them, they got pulls, and the color ran so much I thought they’d run away! I soo need these, and they are wuuunderful in every way. Luv!

  46. 175

    I honestly don’t think I’ve bought new towels in at least a decade…I inherited some from my mother but just never really buy any. I guess this would be my first fancy set!:)

  47. 180
    Annmarie Weeks

    I like the color of our bathroom…but I just bought a new shower curtain to brighten it up a bit. It was very dull, and our current towels are white, which I really don’t like because I feel I need to bleach them every time I wash them. I’d love to get some nice blue towels to go with the decor better!

  48. 182
    Ken Ohl

    these would be for my niece who is just getting into her first home so she would love some new towels for sure these would be great

  49. 183
    Anne H

    I need a new towel set because its the one thing I rarely buy, I always think, wow my towels are getting thread bare and old, then I wash them and put them back in the linen closet. These towels would be a much needed upgrade to what I have now.

  50. 184
    donna porter

    If I won this nice towel set I would keep for myself. Mainly because I have not done any shopping over the last year and really could use some new ones, not to mention how great these sound!
    We are going to be remodeling our bathroom sometime this year and I want to paint a shade of light green.

  51. 187
    Amber Lee Kolb

    I need a new towel set because 90% of our towels are torn or stained. I would paint my bathroom a light sage green. I would keep these for sure!

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