YorkTest Food Sensitivity Test: 1 Year Follow-Up

YorkTest Food Sensitivity Test: 1 Year Follow-UpA year ago, I took a food sensitivity test from YorkTest. And, while it may sound overly dramatic, it actually changed my life.

I was suffering from migraines, bloating, and chronic fatigue. I incorrectly assumed that it was stress, my age, or some other factor. A food sensitivity was not even on my radar. In my mind, a food intolerance was akin to a food allergy, complete with immediate, drastic, and obviously connected symptoms.

But, a food sensitivity is much more subtle and is often very hard to pin down. According to Healthline, “When you have a food intolerance… symptoms can be delayed by up to 48 hours and last for hours or even days, making the offending food especially difficult to pinpoint.”

Plus, your body can actually crave those foods that it is most sensitive to! This was especially true in my case.

When my YorkTest results arrived, I was surprised. Out of the hundreds of foods and drinks listed, I was intolerant to just a few including yeast. That didn’t seem so bad… until I thought about where you find yeast, which is everywhere.

YorkTest Food Intolerance test: 1 Year Follow UpLuckily, this food intolerance test also included a 30 minute nutritional consultation to review the results. My consultant, Kelly, was incredible! She explained the elimination strategy and how it could make a real difference. It’s pretty straightforward – just take the offending foods out of your diet for three months, then one by one, add them back in, while monitoring symptoms.

Cutting bread out of my life has been a tremendous challenge. But, it’s so worth it. For months, I was militant. Now, I have a much better idea of what I can, and can’t, handle. A few croutons on a salad? Super! One slice of pizza? Only if it is thin crust. A sandwich? Absolutely not!

This food intolerance test has made me reexamine what I eat. I’ve made some other changes, as well, cutting out meat (other than seafood). And, I truly have never felt better.

The Food Allergy & Intolerance Bundle is £379.00, and now through August 16, you can save an additional 30% off of your order. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to your gut!

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