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Designing a Home Coffee StationSheltering in place has been incredibly difficult for all of us. But, since it’s necessary, I’ve been trying to maintain my sanity by taking real pleasure in some of life’s “small things,” including my morning coffee. Anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes knows that I love my coffee. So, creating a Home Coffee Station in my recently revamped kitchen (with enough java to last a yearlong quarantine!) was a foregone conclusion.

The coffee bar / station is a relatively new addition to home design. (Personally, I credit the national obsession with Starbucks.) And, for coffee aficionados, it’s quickly become a must-have.

What should your coffee station include? Here are a few of the essentials:
  • A high-quality coffee maker . No skimping on the machine. Get the best you can afford because it’s going to get a workout!
  • A full selection of delicious, flavored syrups. I have found that The Restaurant Store has the biggest selection including yummy hazelnut (my husband’s fave ), caramel and French vanilla.
  • An array of different types of sugars (raw, cinnamon, brown). Using vintage shakers adds visual interest. Or, choose half a dozen of the same for uniformity. Shakers look professional and keep your area clean.
  • Your favorite mugs or cups. I keep my beautiful blue and white mugs out for display. (But frankly, in the wee hours of the morning, I tend to favor the tall Dollar Store mugs since they hold 2 cups at once.)
  • Spoons or stirrers. A mug full of hand stamped ones sourced on Etsy are charming and make me smile.


All of these elements should be corralled in a dedicated space. A cubby or nook on the counter will work if you are pressed for space. Or, choose a specially designated free-standing piece of furniture such as a hutch (eliminating a 1980’s “bill paying station desk” in the kitchen and replacing with an armoire is a great use of space). The key is to have everything you need readily available, which means that allowing enough space is essential.

A tray of some sort to hold all of the bits and pieces is also very helpful. A tray or multi-tiered rack visually reads as one piece, so, even a full tray cuts down on the “visual clutter.”

Finally, I think that a charming coffee sign provides a sense of place. Make your own chalkboard bistro style sign which can be updated frequently, frame a printable, or, simply purchase a new or vintage sign.

Thanks so much for reading! Please stay safe and well during this scary time. And, don’t forget to savor the coffee.

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