5 Benefits of a Vroom Vacuum System

5 Benefits of a Vroom Vacuum SystemI love a sparkling home, but who really like to clean? For most people, household chores are something of a nuisance. You probably don’t look forward to doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or vacuuming your rug to remove pet hair again. But with the right equipment, you could make sure that vacuuming is no longer a nuisance to you. If you have a central vacuum system, you already have a tool that can make vacuuming efficient and practical, but you also probably don’t enjoy carrying and untangling your hose. That’s where the Vroom vacuum system comes in.

The Vroom vacuum system could help Alleviate your reluctantance to vacuuming. This accessory, available at Gary’s Vacuflo, can not only make vacuuming more convenient, but it can also cut down on the space a central hose usually takes up. If you store the Vroom system in an area of your home that sees a lot of messes, you can break out the Vroom and get the job done quickly and easily. But that’s not the only benefit to the Vroom. It has plenty of versatile features that will transform your chore from a hassle into a quick, thorough, and easy process.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five benefits to using the Vroom vacuum system.

  1. The Vroom Vaccum System is a convenient size

The convenient size is one of the Vroom vacuum system’s most appealing aspects. The standard Vroom has dimensions of 21.86 deep x 16.25 high x 3.25 wide, meaning the Vroom system can fit neatly inside a cabinet. Roughly the size of a briefcase, this accessory to your central vacuuming system ensures that you have ample storage space for other things.

It’s commonly placed in a low kitchen cabinet or in the bathroom (two places where you may encounter more spills and messes). If you store it in these high-traffic places, the hose attached to it will be more convenient.

  1. The retractable hose makes it easy to use and put back

No one likes to roll up a large hose after cleaning. Without the Vroom vacuum system, you may worry about tangling your long hose during use or while you’re storing it, but this briefcase-sized accessory has a retractable hose, meaning you can just pull out the desired length when you’re ready to use it. Then, when you’re done vacuuming, you just push the hose easily back into place, and it goes back to being small enough for your cabinet.

You can get a standard 24-foot hose or have it customized up to 50 feet long, depending on what you need most often. Because of that, the Vroom is a great accessory for houses of all shapes and sizes.

  1. You can vacuum your car and garage with the Vroom Retract Vac

The garage is an area of your home that’s often neglected when it comes to vacuuming. If you have to bring your heavy vacuum or long hose into the often-cluttered areas in your garage, you’ll likely have a pretty difficult time getting the task done.

Luckily, Vroom created the Vroom Retract Vac to improve your ability to vacuum your garage and car. With a wall hookup right in the garage, you won’t have to worry about carrying your hose all the way out to the garage. Instead, the wall hookup has its own hose where you can pull it out, vacuum your hard-to-reach areas, and let the hose retract back into place. Simple! If you want to improve how you clean your garage, this product would be a great addition to your Vroom.

Since it’s in your garage, it’s also incredibly useful when you want to vacuum your vehicle. For busy moms on the go (like me!) cars are an easy place for crumbs and dirt to build up. Many people eat in their car on the way to work or have dogs who track in dirt, leaves and debris. Because of that, people often make trips to the car wash to get their car vacuuming done.

But, with the Vroom Retract Vac, you can vacuum your car right from the comfort of your garage. The hose is long enough to reach deep into your car and get all of the pesky crumbs and dirt that you need to remove at the car wash.

  1. You can clean a room even when your Vroom is in another area

The Spot by Vroom is an accessory that’s hooked up directly to your wall. With a retractable hose that extends up to 15 feet (about half the standard Vroom hose) you’ll be able to vacuum cramped areas that accumulate small dirt particles, even when you don’t have a cabinet available to store your Vroom.

Some messes are small and reoccurring, like the ones that are often found in laundry or mudrooms. If you’re struggling with dirt, dry detergent, dryer screen lint, pet food, and more, you’ve found your solution with Vroom’s Spot feature.

  1. The Vroom turns on and off automatically

Powered by your central vacuum system, the Vroom takes convenience to the next level. One of its most convenient features is that it can turn on and off automatically. When you’re cleaning—especially when you’re rushing to clean something unexpectedly—time isn’t always on your side. Being able to grab the Vroom hose and start using it can save you time and energy. When you grab the Vroom, it initiates automatically, and upon its complete retraction, will power itself down.

If you have a central vacuum, the Vroom might be the most practical accessory out there. With its many conveniences and easy access points, you can vacuum your house efficiently with minimal effort. To have the Vroom installed, just contact a local central vacuum company like Gary’s Vacuflo. Their professional staff can install your Vroom and even perform repairs to your central vacuum unit if you need them.

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