Why Take a Food Intolerance Test?

Why take a food intolerance test?Do you suffer from migraines, bloating, skin issues or fatigue? If so, you may be fighting a food intolerance or food sensitivity, without even knowing it!

Although I was (unfortunately) acquainted with the symptoms, I was unfamiliar with the term, and incorrectly assumed “food allergy.” So, I did a little research… and learned a lot.

According to Healthline, “A food intolerance is not the same as a food allergy, although some of the symptoms may be similar… When you have a food intolerance, symptoms usually begin within a few hours of eating the food that you are sensitive to. Yet, symptoms can be delayed by up to 48 hours and last for hours or even days, making the offending food especially difficult to pinpoint.”

I also learned that your body can actually crave those foods it is most sensitive to!

How does a food sensitivity test actually work?

Why take a food intolerance test?The York Test Laboratories Food Intolerance tests measures delayed food reactions in the form of food-specific IgG antibodies. Allergy tests, in contrast, measure reactions caused by raised IgE antibodies.

While this test does measure food sensitivity to 208 food and drink ingredients, it does not show results for all types of food intolerance, and does not provide information about allergies, celiac disease, enzyme deficiencies (such as lactose intolerance) histamine sensitivity or other chemical sensitivities.

Antihistamines, antibiotics and other medications, however, do not alter the test results. I was worried, initially, since I take a daily allergy medicine. But, I was relieved to know that this would not throw off my results or provide false positives.

The process was as simple as a pin prick

My kit arrived with everything I needed, and simple, clear, easy to follow instructions. First, I cleaned my skin with an alcohol wipe, then pricked my finger with the lancet included. A few drops of blood went into the vial and I was able to post it immediately in the prepaid, pre-labeled package, also included. Then, I just sat back and waited for the results.

When my results arrived, I was relieved at first. Out of the hundreds of foods and drinks listed, a sensitivity to just two: peanuts and yeast, didn’t seem too bad… until I started reading ingredient labels. Then the panic set in!

Luckily, this test also included a 30 minute nutritional consultation to review the results and provide recommendations. My consultant, Kelly, was so helpful! She explained the elimination strategy and how it could make a real difference. This is when you take the offending foods out of your diet for three months, then one by one, add them back in while monitoring symptoms.

And, she offered great advice on substitutions and alternatives, recipes, websites and more. She even shared some of her personal favorites!

After our initial consultation, she followed up with even more information such as tips on how to stick to the elimination diet (which can still present some serious challenges), as well as guides on how to avoid and replace complex ingredients (and trust me, yeast is in everything).

My takeaway on my food intolerance test from York Test Laboratories

Why take a food intolerance test?This was a great experience from start to finish. It was easy to complete the test. The results arrived in less than two weeks. And, my consultation was such an eye opener!

I’ve been on the elimination diet for about a week. And, while it’s posed some challenges, I am really committed to seeing it through. Although I haven’t noticed any changes to my skin yet, my digestive issues have noticeably abated, and I haven’t had a single headache (unlike the three-day headache marathon I suffered through less than two weeks ago.)

The test normally costs $290, but it is currently on sale for $203. Also, if you visit York Test Laboratories, you can save an additional 10% off of your order when you sign up for their newsletter (a win-win, because the news and discounts are great). To learn more, you can visit York Test Laboratories.

Now, I’m off to eat a rice cake slathered in almond butter… yum?

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