How to Use Setting Powder Like a Pro

How to Use Setting Powder Like a Pro Have you ever wondered how Hollywood A-listers manage to keep their makeup looking so fabulous while walking the Red Carpet in the sweltering heat? Is it Botox? Simply great genes? Or, do they have a personal makeup artist following behind them, lugging an enormous makeup case? While some of these may be true, the easiest answer is… setting powder!

Setting powder is the final step in makeup application – and one that too many of us overlook in the daily dash to get ready and out the door each morning. Setting powder locks foundation and concealer in place, keeping makeup looking fresh and flawless all day long.

Loose setting powders come in two forms: translucent and colored. The colored powder helps, not only to keep makeup from moving around or outright sliding off in the heat, but also works to correct tone, brighten the complexion, and mitigate any blotchiness or redness.

It’s important to apply setting powder correctly in order to get the maximum benefit. Expert stylists suggest that you press it into your skin while foundation is still wet. A makeup brush will work, but I personally find that a puff is easier and provides better control. Plus, pressing setting powder with a puff will help you avoid any streaking that might occur using a brush.

Ready for your Hollywood close-up? I’ve found a wonderful setting powder by Cibbcci at Ruoxi that is available in three shades (light pink, light beige and darker beige). It’s feather light and incredibly fine, but still provides a smooth, perfect finish.

This setting powder comes with everything you need, from a tiny puff, to a mirror on the inside if the lid, for any touchups on the go. And, it is small enough to fit in a standard makeup case.

The Cibbcci setting powder retails for just $10.99 Amazon Prime for a 1.76 oz. jar. A little goes a long way. And, with daily use, this should last for several months.

In addition to the Cibbcci setting powder, Ruoxi offers a whole range of makeup essentials from eye shadows in fun colors, to sponges and beauty blenders, plus more. To see the entire line, visit Ruoxi.

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