Mineral Clay Mask Stops Oily Skin Once and For All!

Mineral Clay Mask Stops Oily Skin Once and For All!Keeping an oily complexion under control is challenging. Many products, although effective, are overly harsh. If you have oily skin that’s also sensitive, you may feel you’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t!

But, one of the easiest, most natural ways to control oily skin is all around you. It’s clay.

Of course, not any old clay from your backyard garden will do! Two very specific types, Kaolin and Bentonite, have provided gentle oil control for centuries. These two types of clay even reduce breakouts and blackheads.

To keep my skin looking its best, one of my new favorite beauty products is the Vivo Per Lei Mineral Clay Mask. This clay mask contains highly beneficial Kaolin and Bentonite Clay, plus Bamboo Charcoal. According to Reader’s Digest Best Health “Activated charcoal when used in a face mask binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible (it’s the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger).”

And, not only does this clay mask take the bad stuff out of skin, it adds the good stuff in, too. The Vivo Per Lei Mineral Clay Mask provides anti-aging minerals that moisturize and nourish. It’s an quick and easy way to tighten and firm the appearance of your skin, leaving you looking healthy, youthful and radiant (even if you have sensitive skin).

How to use a mineral clay mask

If you’ve never used a mineral clay mask, the process is simple. Just smooth onto a clean, dry face (avoid eyes and hairline). The product has the consistency of frosting. Too thin a coating will not be as effective, so be a bit generous.

Mineral Clay Mask Stops Oily Skin Once and For All!As the mask begins to dry, you will feel your pores open to release clogging oils, noticeably tightening, and tingling.  However, you should never let the clay mask dry completely.

According to facialist Sharon McGlinchey in Allure magazine, there are three phases of a clay mask. “There’s the damp phase where your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside. Then you have the start of the dry phase, which exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts. But then there’s the dry phase, which draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation.”

Based on how oily your skin is, the mask takes about 15-20 minutes to “set.” Then, gently massage warm water onto the mask to remove. Rinse clean and pat dry.

Voila! Skin feels soft and so smooth. And, it will look brighter and clearer. I noticed a difference immediately after just one use.

The Vivo Per Lei Mineral Clay Mask is available on Amazon Prime in either a 1-pack ($13.95) or a 2-pack ($26.00). And, while you are browsing, be sure to take a look at some of the other beauty essentials from Vivo Per Lei such as day and night creams, peeling gels, Dead Sea Salt scrub, foaming cleansers and more. Beautiful!

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