Solar powered lights are party-perfect

solar powered lights by XLUXSolar powered lights are the ultimate solution for outdoor lighting issues when electricity is not available. Our house has convenient outdoor outlets in both the front and back yards, but none along the side. For the family, it’s not an issue most of the time, since we know the path. But, when we host outdoor parties, it’s another story altogether. Since our neighbors have some tall and somewhat encroaching shrubbery, it can be a bit eerie and difficult to navigate at night without any illumination.

So, when I found these solar powered lights, I knew this was a wonderful solution to the problem.

These solar powered lights offer a warm, white light, which I prefer over the harsh blue-white light of LEDs.  And, they can be placed almost anywhere there is direct sunshine during the day.

They are simple to install (just two little screws on the back) and can be side-mounted onto wood posts, directly onto the house, or simply placed amongst the flagstones, as I have done. The illumination they provide is more than enough to guide the way down the side path without stumbling into the prickly bushes. And, the crisscross lattice design of the lights is a lovely complement to our cottage-garden aesthetic.

But, the best part is, they are completely worry-free! They will illuminate for 8 full hours after absorbing 6 hours of direct, full sunlight. Plus, they have a built-in photo sensor, which detects the level of surrounding natural light. The senor controls when the lights will automatically switch on and off. So, you never have to think about them once they are placed.

These solar powered lights are even waterproof from rain (although not submersible). So, you never have to remember to bring them indoors before a storm. This is such fabulous news for me. I had previously used quaint Mason jars with candles, anchored by sand and shells along the pathway. Charming, to be sure, but certainly not weatherproof or automatic!

The instructions do mention to avoid using in extreme environments, such as extreme low temperatures or in a corrosive environment (such as ocean spray). The extremes can damage their functionality. So, since I want these lights to last, when the first snows fall, I will bring them indoors just in case.

These solar powered outdoor lights come two to a pack and retail for just $16.98 by XLUX. This is a comparable price to many of the options offered at home goods stores and online. And, although the prices are comparable, I personally like the design and style of these far better (most of the others look a bit like “bug zappers” to me!).

To see other best-selling patio, lawn and garden necessities, like pH meters, water quality meters, solar powered stair step lights and more, visit XLUX.

Solar powered lights? I say, let the sun shine!

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PHOTOS: Image used with permission by XLUX.

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