Beer tankard as art? This Ale Horn is a must-have, stylish gift for the guy on your gift list!

The Large "Game of Thrones" style drinking horn retails for $27.99 at Ale Horns.
The Large “Game of Thrones” style drinking horn retails for $27.99 at Ale Horns.

Finding just the right gift to impress and surprise my husband is almost impossible. His birthday is, unfortunately, just before Christmas. And, since we are usually swamped with holiday obligations, he often gets lost in the shuffle. But, not this year…

Recently, I discovered the Ale Horn. This is a must-have for any guy who enjoys a cold beverage or is a history buff (or both!).

Inspired by ancient drinking horns throughout history, Ale Horns are fully functional tankards based on early forms.  Traditional drinking horns have been used for over 2,500 years and have been crafted of horn, metal, and glass by civilizations all over the world. Once a simple, utilitarian item, today’s drinking horns are a symbol of our rich past.

My husband received the Game of Thrones style, pictured above, which has a distinctly medieval vibe. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Ale Horns Extra Large 20″ Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
The Extra Large 20 Viking Drinking Horn includes a stand and retails for $69.99 at Ale Horns.

There are also many other styles available including the Extra Large 20 Viking Drinking Horn with Stand, shown, as well as Small Handmade Drinking Horn Cups, pictured below. There are even other items, like Beard Combs, Bottle Openers, and Shot Glasses, all crafted from natural horn!

How they are made

The tankard is made from 100% ethically sourced cow horn. And, once the core has been removed from the horn, it is softened using heat and pressed to form its desired shape. (In the case of the Game of Thrones Tankard, a tail or tongue shape is left when the cup is cut from the horn, so it can be heated again and bent down into a handle.)

After the horn is formed, it’s coated in a specially formulated, food-safe, water-based coating and polished. Finally, it’s fitted with metal details or carved with etchings, depending on the design. You can even personalize the gift with custom engraving!

Safe to use, easy to care for

Set of 4 Small Handmade Drinking Horn Cups retail for $39.92 at Ale Horns.
Set of 4 Small Handmade Drinking Horn Cups
retail for $39.92 at Ale Horns.

All horns are solid and sturdy, but some of the handles and places where the horn has been manipulated may be a bit less resilient to impacts and stress.  It is recommended that you treat your horn with care.

Ale Horns are sealed and suitable for cool liquids. But, you should rinse your horn before use. And, avoid the dishwasher, microwave, extreme temperatures, and hot liquids. Also, avoid contact with strong solvents, detergents, and/or chemicals, just in case.

A gift he will love

The Game of Thrones style drinking horn is available in three sizes. The Medium retails for $27.99, The Large retails for $33.99,  and the Extra Large retails for $39.99. To see the entire amazing line of products, visit Ale Horns.

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