Tiecoon.com offers over 200 narrow ties in every color, pattern and style!

Tiecoon.com, Solid purple narrow tie with arctic snow repeating geometric pattern.
Tiecoon.com, Solid purple narrow tie with arctic snow repeating geometric pattern.

The 1980’s were a time of extreme fashion choices. From Dynasty-inspired shoulder pads, to the mullet haircut, to stretchy stirrup pants… everything was bigger, brighter and more exaggerated.

One look from the 1980’s, however, was good then and is better now: the skinny tie.

In a nod to the Reagan era, men’s ties have been growing narrower and narrower each season. And now, the “skinny” tie once again reigns supreme!

In fact, after reading a GQ article on tie width not too long ago, I snuck into my husband’s closet (with a ruler!), measured all of his ties and hid any that were wider than 2 ¼ inches. Of course, he noticed that his tie rack was conspicuously bare. And, since I can’t claim that they are at the dry cleaner forever, I had to replace some of his faves with new, more stylish options.

Tiecoon.com, Reginmental uniform narrow tie with azure blue and honeydew stripes
Tiecoon.com, Reginmental uniform narrow tie with azure blue and honeydew stripes.

Luckily, I discovered Tiecoon.com. This is an amazing resource, because I had to replace a dozen ties and everything at Tiecoon.com is so incredibly affordable.

But, affordable doesn’t have to mean cheap quality. These are the same ties that would sell in department stores for approximately $40. But, at Tiecoon.com, they are usually available for about $5.

I admit, I was skeptical. A decent tie for about $5? But, when the first tie arrived, it was gorgeous!

His new, royal purple Jon vanDyk tie is handmade in Holland and is made of microfiber, which by touch and feel, is comparable to 100% silk. Of course, not only is this less expensive than traditional silk, it’s also more durable. Plus, it can be (very carefully) washed by hand. No more expensive trips to the dry cleaner! Retail $5.95

Tiecoon.com, Goldenrod  narrow tie with gingham check
Tiecoon.com, Goldenrod narrow tie with gingham check.

Still not convinced?

Tiecoon.com offers a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return or exchange your tie within 30 days. Tiecoon.com will refund 100% of your purchase price (less shipping charges).

There is even a series guides on How to Tie a Tie. These are simple, step by step videos on how to tie a Windsor Knot,  Half Windsor Knot,  Pratt Knot,  Four in Hand Knot  and Bow Tie Knot. 

In addition to narrow neckties, Tiecoon.com also offers regular width ties, bowties, handkerchiefs and more. But, with 232 choices in narrow neckties alone, I have been busy selecting a whole new tie wardrobe for my husband. And, I’ve highlighted a few of my faves here.

To see more from this amazing collection, visit Tiecoon.com.

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DISCLAIMER: No financial compensation was received in exchange for this post. I did, however, receive a tie from the Tiecoon.com narrow ties collection mentioned above in order to fully evaluate the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers.

PHOTOS: Used with permission by Tiecoon.com.

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