When life gives you lemons… make a face mask with LaLune Natural’s Pure Lemon Essential Oil!

LaLune Naturals Lemon Essential Oil for health and beautyDid you know that it takes 3,000 lemons to make just 1 kilo of lemon oil? And, the lemon peel, when cold-pressed, is incredibly nutrient-dense in fat soluble phytonutrients? Or, that lemon oil is also high in the chemical compounds d-Limonene, α- and β-pinenes?

I’ve always loved lemons (mostly in pie, I admit), but I had no idea that lemon oil had such amazing properties!

One lemon oil that I’ve recently experimented with is from LaLune Naturals.  La Lune Naturals supplies only the most natural and organic certified products available, offering a holistic approach to in-home skin care.

I’m already a huge fan of LaLune Natural’s exceptional Peppermint Oil, which I use in the bath, on our lightbulbs as diffusers, and even in the clothes’ drawers. But, I was unsure of how best to utilize the power of lemon oil… What I learned is that this essential oil actually provides a myriad of uses in your health and beauty regimen.

Lemon oil is a wonderful remedy for increasing the luster of skin. Especially at this time of year, exposure to sun, salt, chorine, and wind can leave skin looking dull. Lemon oil acts as an astringent to wake up that tired-looking skin.

In addition, the inherent antiseptic properties in lemon oil are a tremendous way to treat breakouts and can greatly reduce excess oil.

And before those breakouts even begin, lemon oil can treat the blackheads that eventually become nasty pimples. Just create a simple mask of baking soda and lemon oil, apply to the area, and gently scrub off when completely dry. I can tell you, this works wonders!

One note of caution, however, if your skin is very sensitive. While lemon oil is gentle enough to be used alone, dilution with a carrier oil (like LaLune Natural’s Fractionated Coconut Oil) will help to minimize any possible skin reaction.  A patch test before applying is definitely recommended. And, it’s best to avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product. So, a before bedtime beauty routine is safest.

LaLune Natural’s Pure Lemon Essential Oil is available via Amazon. The List Price is $35.99 and is on sale now for just $24.99. Or, if you have Amazon Prime, you can receive yours for only $13.95 plus Free Shipping!

To see some of the other exceptional, holistic beauty care products available like Indian Healing Clay, Konjac Sponges, Lip Balms, and Seaweed Powders, visit LaLune Naturals.

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PHOTO: Used with permission by LaLune Naturals.

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